Art for Change

Capitalism Must Die! by Stephanie McMillan        
Earth is Enough by Fred Cervin
Old Man Farming by Lynn Miller


Techno-fix, by Michael & Joyce Huesemann


One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka
Permaculture: A Designers' Manual by B. C. Mollison, et al
Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew
Unthinkable: Who survives when disaster strikes, by Amanda Ripley


Culture of Make Believe by Derrick Jensen
Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations by David R. Montgomery
Language Older Than Words by Derrick Jensen
Myth of Human Supremacy, by Derrick Jensen

RSM:  Reality-Streaming Cultural Commentary

Collapse of Complex Societies  by Joseph Tainter
Our Final Hour, by Martin Rees
Pacifism as Pathology, by Ward Churchill
Party's Over  by Richard Heinberg (includes EROEI defined, compared)
Superclass, by David Rothkopf
War Against the People, by Jeff Halper