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What does Wuhan tell us?

China Global Television Network Editor's note: CGTN's Zou Yue, a Wuhan native, believes the experiences that came with paying a high price fighting COVID-19 in Hubei Province, could – and should – be a lesson for the rest of the world, regardless of ideological and political differences.

I am from Wuhan and I heard a lot about COVID-19 and Wuhan over the past 100 days, but did people really listen? 

The most important thing is information. Like any viruses we have met before, there is no perfect information. When one breaks out, people are confused. How bad is it, what should we do and what if we do nothing.

TLA encourages you to read this entire insightful yet concise eyewitness account of Wuhan's experience and view the six-miniute video at CGTN.

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