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Every US protestor is being led around by the phone, encouraged to hate, to confront, to destroy rather than to open their hearts, to dialogue and to build.  PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE. Clear your head.  All the countries where there were "color revolutions" in the past decade are in shambles: divided, destroyed, poor, having spilled rivers of blood and still fighting. Put down your fists and open your hands. Are you strong enough, brave enough to love? ~ Ed.

Since this trend appeared, the makers of Color Revolutions have had their sights on Cuba. Instructions in Gene Sharp’s manual talk about democracy, but proposed is the distortion of demands for human rights to serve other purposes, not to make them a reality. The leaders of these rebellions act in the name of human rights, only to betray them later.

In Cuba, in Venezuela, these techniques are used to organize the discontented, those unhappy with the hardships imposed on anti-capitalist political systems. The model demands presented are exploited, while at the same time violence is promoted that creates obstacles to meeting them.

In Eastern European countries, the former Soviet Republics, and later in many other nations, these revolutions’ sought to enter the NATO area of influence, to join the orbit of imperialism. Their symbols and colors, the black fist on a white background, have never reigned in countries allied with the United States, nor where violations of human rights are daily occurrences, like Colombia or Honduras, for example.

In February of 2005, in the city of Bratislava, meeting with his European organizers, George W. Bush toasted to “freedom.” He would histrionically say there that this ardor for liberty would bring light to the world’s darkest corners. What arrived, not too long after this “freedom,” were bombs and missiles to destroy and dominate in the name, once again, of democracy. During this love fest, as seen in the French documentary “The U.S. conquers the East,” one of these puppets financed by George Soros, the CIA, and the National Endowment for Democracy, told another of his sort with more experience, that he had been asked if they could have the same success in Cuba. They’ve been trying ever since.

In our country, these thinly disguised organizers attempt to take advantage of dissatisfaction and material hardship to provoke us and accomplish the central objective of generating some kind of “spontaneous” demonstration, using their standard techniques. They offer courses for future “leaders” and publicize opinions attacking key aspects of socialist democracy, state, government and party bodies.

One chapter in Gene Sharp’s manual proposes the dissemination of such ideas to the broadest audience possible, and especially to specific interest groups, via the use of symbols, short texts, broad appeals, anecdotal narratives, mini-news items, sensationalist journalism, and half-truths that function subliminally, undermining rational thinking, promoting subjectivity and confusing analyses. This sheds light on why this “democracy” supports and finances privately owned media and “independent” journalists in countries where they have not been able to build a following – like Cuba; and explains the fervent defense of private media in Venezuela and the attitude these media corporations have taken regarding attacks on democratic advances in countries like Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador.

As the manual instructions indicate, and the practitioners cynically admit, they are not interested in anyone’s ideology, but rather in uniting various forces and advocates of different options in one ephemeral movement to strike “non-violently,” including anyone who objects to anything. Using digital campaigns, based on algorithms that strengthen them on internet, some proto-scenario of a public demonstration is mounted… a “spring” that later becomes a bleak winter for peoples.

The malicious hypocrisy of their intentions lies in the fact that they take advantage of difficulties created by their imperialist backers’ aggression against Cuba, in an effort to return the country to domination by this very aggressor.

At the same time, as part of the plan, some international organizations, but especially their principal financial backer, the Open Society Foundation of George Soros, organize events and publications to attract any intellectual work critical of Cuba’s reality, to provide some cover of respectability and prestige to hide their real intentions.

The political provocation disguised as an artistic performance, a few years ago in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución; obscene manipulation of our flag on social media; and the defacing of busts of Martí, appear to have emerged directly from Gene Sharp’s manual. Behind them lies a colorful trap, offering no light, no glory, only brutal totalitarianism disguised as a revolution.