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Next Few Months Will Determine What Society Britain Really Is






"People are talking to me about the months ahead and the winter to come. Many fear a winter of discontent.

They dread the dark and what the dark might hold. The troubles of recent weeks have been hard enough, they say, while the sun has shone and it has been easy to be outside.

How will it be when the days are short and the nights are long? I say the autumn and the winter ahead will be what we choose to make them. It will be a test of who we are as people.

I say that in the most important ways, the winter should be the making of us. We are divided now. It is no longer just about physical divisions. Opinions have hardened to the extent that we cannot talk to each other.

These divisions run through families, between friends and neighbours. Such are the differences of opinion it has become easier to avoid people altogether. I say this has been no accident. Our leaders have done their utmost to drive wedges between us.

Apart from a few weeks at the beginning of it all, I say keeping us apart had nothing to do with health and everything to do with keeping us demoralised, fearful and helpless. When pressed they will say it was for our own good. I say it was a bad thing to do, that has had only bad results. I don’t believe the pubs and restaurants and the rest of the places folk meet to talk were ever a threat to health.

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