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domino effect

In a recent piece I said, “Great Reset narratives reveal that transnational capital and national ruling elites realize the implications of degrowth. Hence, they are planning degrowth for us that preserves growth and prosperity for them.” Because their agenda calls for a major systemic shift in resource allocation, a centralized digital currency and other draconian policies that will be obvious to everyone, I see a number of reasons why such attempts could fail.

The limits of managing complexity

From the beginning of the scientific age in the 17th century, scientists found that achieving predictable results of experiments in the real world was impossible because the variable they wished to understand is usually emmeshed in a complex of causal relations.

So, they retreated to laboratory conditions where they could reduce the variables in play to manageable few. When even minor changes in complex systems like global society yield inevitable unexpected consequences (for example the many fizzled CIA-orchestrated color revolutions), major ones are likely to spin out of control in many directions. This is the predicament that attempts at systemic-level change agendas like The Great Reset plan cannot avoid.

False flags no longer work

As for the false flag scare campaigns they need to compel submission to a top-down system revolution, elites have worn out their usual options. The Mideast wars were profitable, but never popular, and the Islamic threat is less likely to work a second time.

The pandemic narrative did scare a lot of people into blind obedience because the threat it fabricated was a domestic one, but daily experience with “the virus” and its “solutions” is gradually exposing the lies of the official pandemic narrative. Like your three-week old bottle of milk, the covid campaign of fear and tyranny has passed its sell-by date, which its creators may not have thought through. People are beginning to smell a rat, or simply get tired of all the social shackles. Accelerating the unraveling of the official pandemic narrative are two powerful videos, Plandemic Part 1, the most viewed and banned documentary of all time, featuring Dr. Judith A. Mikovits, one of the leading medical professionals who are fighting back against the official covid narrative, and  Plandemic 2/Indoctornationwith David Martin, a leading investigator of corruption in high places, which thoroughly documents the criminality that the covid phenomenon has exposed in the medical industrial establishment.[1]

China bashing is all noise

Constantly amplifying Washington imperial propaganda for years, the mass media have built up a reservoir of hostility toward China and Russia. But the latter, having great success simply waiting as the West self-destructs, are content to be patient and roll with the rhetorical punches and sabre rattling thrown their way. After years of failure to provoke aggressive behavior from Russia and China, the threat of foreign aggression is wearing thin in the Western world. And the US military is in such bad shape (as its high command is well aware) that a US attack on the sovereign territory of these nuclear powers is out of the question.

The clock is ticking

It may be too late for an elaborate reset plan to succeed. Several simultaneous deepening crises are each reinforcing the others and reaching tipping points in a global economy that unrestrained profit-seeking has pushed to the limits of fragility. The money printing and debt financing that is artificially keeping the system going has reached an end point where its ultimate negative consequences are now appearing. Meanwhile the economic damage that the covid caper created is still unfolding. Oil geologists say that the world is close to the point where energy production can no longer keep up with consumption; hence, the economic drag of resource depletion is becoming so visible that it cannot be ignored. The combined effect on domestic economic security – inflation, unemployment and supply chain failures – is building social unrest within nation states: waves of strikes and sick-outs, regular demonstrations in Europe against tyrannical policies, signs of sectoral and local rejection of central government policies, and individuals simply opting out of the system.

The explosion of counter narratives

Over the last few decades, the US mass media have been consolidated into a pyramid controlled from the top by a small cartel of corporations like CNN and NBC, themselves controlled by a few global investment corporations like Blackrock and Vanguard.[2] Because of monopoly control, different media could no longer scoop each other with the results of investigative journalism; thus the media cartel was able to deliver the same narrative throughout the media pyramid – a set of daily messages whose content serves the political interests of its class owners in the transnational elite. And from the beginning of the digital age, the dominant internet media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have been under monopoly control of digital technology billionaires.

However, growing awareness that the mass media is openly serving the political propaganda interests of its owners has discredited it as a source of reliable news, and stimulated a search for independent sources. On the internet, the growth of economical alternative media platforms to replace the Silicon Valley monopolies is rapidly spreading independent information sources and narratives that are eroding the credibility of all major societal institutions and their policies, not just mass media.[3] And the elites cannot easily shut down the internet – their power and profits depend on its existence.

In sum, any grandiose system restructuring that transnational elites are trying will likely be complicated by uncontrollable unrest within nation states. Short of declaring global dictatorship, what is a desperate ruling elite to do?

[1] https://sovren.media/video/plandemic-part-1-20.html


[2] See the well documented video documentary Monopoly: Who Owns the World


[3] Examples are https://www.peakprosperity.com/ and https://titaniclifeboatacademy.org/


Karl North has been a student, a farmer, a business owner, and a teacher. As a student, his strongest focus for over 50 years has been systems ecology and political economy (the power relations in social systems). 

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