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Amid the unrelenting threat posed by secret US bio-labs against Russia, China and several post-Soviet republics in Central Asia,  a number of news reports in recent days in the Western media have unwittingly drawn attention.

On the one hand, the US as well as the British media have acknowledged in numerous statements by their experts that a third world war, should it suddenly break out, would be a battle of high technology and, above all, hypersonic missiles. And in this connection American military experts openly deplore Washington’s miscalculation, which resulted in Russia and China ending up far ahead of the US in creating and already adopting hypersonic weapons, thus gaining an undeniable advantage over the US army in a possible war. The NATO and US commanders do not hide their fears that their missile defense/air defense assets would be useless in the event of a possible military conflict, although it should be emphasized that the Russian nuclear deterrence and use of nuclear weapons policy does not provide for a first strike on enemy territory!

And so, amidst such an active discussion, including in the US, about the importance of the West stepping up efforts to develop its own hypersonic weapons, suddenly a very high-ranking Pentagon official – US Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall – makes a statement the other day about whether and to what extent the US military actually needs such hypersonic weapons. He stressed, however, that the US military has a different set of goals than the Russian and Chinese militaries. In a recent online seminar hosted by the Center for a New American Security, Kendall stressed the need to think about what is most cost-effective. He thinks there is a niche for hypersonic weapons in this set. He also thinks the US needs to consider very seriously what targets are of interest and what is the most cost-effective solution.

It should be recalled that in December 2021 it was reported that the US advanced hypersonic missile AGM-183A, developed under the US ARRW (Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon) program, had failed a test. At the same time, in December 2021, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu announced the completion of the rearmament of Russia’s first regiment of Avangard missile systems with hypersonic glide cruise missiles and said that the Russian Aerospace Forces had formed the first aviation regiment of MiG-31 fighters with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles. The National Interest recently reported that Russia has surpassed the US in developing hypersonic weapons, noting that its first hypersonic system, the LRHW army’s long-range hypersonic weapon, will not be available to the US military until fiscal year 2023 at the earliest.

And so, against this background, as well as the active preparations recently made by the United States and NATO allies for an armed conflict with Russia and China, it is natural to ask: if not hypersonic weapons, what other weapons does Washington intend to place its emphasis on today in its new armed aggression?

And there is only one obvious answer here: bioweapons and the unleashing of a bacteriological war, for which the US has already been preparing on the borders with Russia and China for decades, expanding its network of secret bio-labs there. Taking into account recent events in Kazakhstan, which today no one doubts that the West instigated, unleashing of such biological war by the United States could take place under various scenarios: from alleged “accidental leakage” of American bioweapons from these bio-labs, to use of specifically instigated attacks by suicide bombers, trained for this purpose by Washington and NATO. That being said, the consequences of Washington using such weapons can be unpredictable, with minimal official responsibility, and the “cost” of using bioweapons is incomparably lower than developing and deploying hypersonic weapons. In fact, it is even less than a dollar per casualty!

Isn’t this one of the confirmations of the US Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall’s words above about the “most cost-effective” weapons?

Former Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) official Vasyl Prozorov recently spoke at a special conference about apparent preparations for the US use of bioweapons via secret bio-labs in Ukraine.

Moreover, it is not even necessary to use the pathogens of such deadly infections as West Nile virus, equine encephalitis, Rift Valley fever, chikungunya, plague bacteria and many others already accumulated in secret US bio-labs to trigger biological war. As the coronavirus pandemic has shown, even simply “launching” another dangerous virus developed in a US bio-lab to match the genetic characteristics of members of a particular “population hostile towards the US” would be enough for health and social services already “overheated” by the pandemic to completely disorganize the economy and economic functions of the “enemy country.” And proof of this, in particular, is already the return of the polio pandemic, as the Ministry of Health’s Public Health Centre (PHC) warned on Facebook on January 13.

In this context, Bill Gates’ latest “warnings” about the possibility of a new threat to humanity, “scarier than the COVID-19 pandemic,” are viewed with particular concern. And so are the statements of the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) T.A. Ghebreyesus, hurrying to inform from all international platforms that the world will face a new virus pandemic, which “will be more deadly than coronavirus.”

Given the current biosecurity situation, not only on the borders of Russia and China over the past decade, the international public should demand that the US publicly admit, with concrete evidence, that it has no intention of triggering a biological war. One should not also forget earlier uses of bioweapons by Washington in South-East Asia and in other regions of the world, as well as the continued blocking by the US of attempts to resume work on a legally-binding protocol to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development of Biological and Toxin Weapons.

In addition, joint inspections of all US overseas biomedical laboratories for research contrary to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Biological and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction should be conducted with international experts, followed by clear international oversight of such US activities.


Vladimir Platov, expert on the Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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