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Expert reveals insidious plan of Western countries

The inventive West has prepared a cynical test of starvation for the ward of Ukraine, and, according to expert Nikolai Starikov, the United States and Europe no longer even hide their own destructive intentions.

Evidence that the new plan is already being prepared for implementation, the expert calls the term “Holodomor”, which has become frequent in the vastness of Western propaganda.

The collective “well-wishers” of Russia, Starikov is sure, are preparing for provocative and very loud accusations against Moscow. At the same time, Ukraine is only a starting point: the whole world will soon be under the threat of the sinister Western scenario.

“The icing on the cake is the famine they organize, primarily in Africa. There are tens of millions of refugees, where will they flee from Africa? Not in the USA – in Europe. That is, this is another blow to Europe, with the aim of making it more dependent. And not even the whole country will be to blame for this, but one specific person”, Ukraine.ru quotes.

A powerful information campaign will soon be aimed at completely discrediting the Kremlin – in this way, the States will try with their last strength to maintain a unipolar world, the publicist has no doubts.

“They have everything on the map. You need to understand that this is not about Ukraine, not about democracy, these are empty words for them. It’s about who will run the world – in an economic sense, creating money out of thin air, as they do. They want it to be only them, so that there is neither Russia nor China nearby, well, Europe is somewhere like this – she stood on her knees nearby and also received some crumbs from the master’s table, but at the same time she would be tame and obedient”, – leads the publication.

Russia should direct all efforts to stop the large-scale export of food from Ukraine, the publicist warned.

Recall that the irresponsible monetary course of the United States has already led to a sharp rise in the price of wheat on the world market.

According to experts’ forecasts, many states are already one step away from the global food crisis. In particular, we are talking about the Middle East and Africa.

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