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wheat seeds

Hasaka, SANA -23 November، 2021 - Laboratory analysis at the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform have proven the invalidity of the Turkish-origin wheat seeds, which have been provided by the US occupation forces through the so-called US Agency for International Development “USAID” to the farmers in several areas in the Qamishli countryside.

“The Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Directorate in Hasaka province sent a sample of the wheat seeds provided by the American occupation to the laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture, and it was found that they are not suitable for cultivation,” Head of the Directorate Eng. Said Hajji said in a statement to SANA reporter

Hajji added “The seeds contain a high rate of nematodes, which reached 40 percent, and this poses a great danger to agriculture in the region, especially as its effects cause great damage that is exacerbated by the passage of time,”

He warned farmers in Qamishli countryside and the region against the use of these seeds, calling to destroy them and not plant them because the damage which they cause will last for years and will make the agricultural lands go out of investment.

Earlier, the Union of Hasaka Farmers warned the people and farmers against the seeds of unknown origin, calling not to cultivate them, as they are not suitable for agriculture and will be a cause of agricultural pests.

US occupation brings in suspicious wheat seeds into Syrian territory for the second time

HASAKA, SANA - 27 December، 2021 - In the framework of targeting the economic infrastructure and sabotaging strategic crops all over Syrian al-Jazeera, a US occupation-backed illegitimate organization distributed on Sunday suspicious, of unknown origin, wheat seeds to a number of farmers in villages located in the northeast part of Hasaka province.

Local sources in al-Malkiyah told SANA that an illegitimate organization, in cooperation with “QSD” militia and under the supervision of US occupation, distributed wheat seed to farmers in the villages of Ayn Diwar, Mazraat al-Nasara, Hab al-Hawa, Tal al-Dhahab and other villages.

The sources added that the US occupation forces deceive the citizens that the distributed seeds are of good and of high quality to encourage them to use them in their farms.

Director of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform department in Hasaka, Said Jaji, told SANA that the distributed seeds were brought in recently through al-Waleed illegal crossing point, adding that the lab analyzes showed that they are invalid for agriculture.

Manar Salameh/ Mazen Eyon