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Russian TU-160

Image: Russian TU-160 Strategic Bomber

A war between the US and Russia will probably happen soon unless the US changes its suicidal political course.

Remember what happened when the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier sailed around Europe to reach the eastern Mediterranean?  NATO leaders were making fun of the black smoke coming out of the ship’s engine while at the same time shadowing the Kuznetsov as if it was the Death Star from the Star Wars series and as if it’s final goal was to obliterate the British Isles.  Frankly, this is nothing new.  Even during the Cold War, western propagandists liked to dismiss all Soviet weapons systems as junk while at the same time declaring that they were the terrifying weapons of a Mordor-like Evil Empire set to destroy the Entire Free World.  This time around, we are seeing exactly the same pattern yet again:...  

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* Likbez (Russian: ликбе́з, Russian pronunciation [lʲɪɡˈbʲɛs]; from a Russian abbreviation for “likvidatsiya bezgramotnosti”, ликвида́ция безгра́мотности, [lʲɪkvʲɪˈdatsɨjə bʲɪzˈɡramətnəsʲtʲɪ], meaning “elimination of illiteracy”) was a campaign of eradication of illiteracy in Soviet Russia and Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s. The term was also used for various schools and courses established during the campaign. Nowadays this term is sometimes used in Russian as a slang for answers on common questions.