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Image: Wilsom Dias/Agência Brasil, CC by 3.0 by 3.0

"I thank Chávez, because, with Fidel and Raúl, they constructed a new, dignified beginning for our entire continent."

Excerpts from an interview by journalist with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, published in Granma, January, 2019.

Of all the news published about Venezuela in U.S. and European media, 98% is negative. They are silent about our guaranteeing food for the people, as if bodies like the FAO had not recognized this....They say nothing of our provision of 2.5 million homes. They omit the fact that almost all of Venezuela’s population has access to quality medical assistance free of charge. We do not deny the problems in our country. On the contrary, we face them, discuss them with our people, and are determined to solve them.

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