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The whole point of the austerity project is to disempower workers and concentrate wealth at the top. The rulers will kill to keep that dream alive.With 24 Democrats running for president and most of them lying about their plans for the nation and the world, the current US electoral arena may seem chaotic. But the fog clears dramatically if one understands that the corporate duopoly is designed to systematically narrow the electoral choices available to the populace so that, at end of the process, the rule of Capital remains secure. The duopoly party both facilitates and legitimizes the rule of the rich and is, therefore, a profoundly anti-democratic institution. In such a arrangement, majorities never get what they want -- which is the evil genius of the system. The only path to democracy is over the dead carcasses of the duopoly parties.

This is especially true for the Black polity, whose political life has been all but hermetically sealed within the confines of the Democratic half of the corporate duopoly -- a political prison that the Black inmates mistake for a sanctuary. Nearly every Black political aspiration and vote is systematically channeled through a corporate vetting process whose end result is the utter neutering of Black Power. Under the illusion that corporate Democrats are their protectors, rather than jailers, much of Black America has forgotten how to formulate coherent demands. As a consequence, the Black economic condition relative to whites has deteriorated to 1980 levels under the leadership of a corporate Democrat-controlled Black political class. It is been left to impoverished ghetto youth to periodically register the only effective resistance to the Mass Black Incarceration Austerity State.

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