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yellow apricot blossoms

Image: Thanh Nguyen, Pixabay

Ah, Spring!  As Spring Festival begins for much of the world and the first shoots of the new year peep out from the Earth, conveying renewed energy, hope springs eternal. And, we're reminded of the worn expression, 'Another world is possible."

In Life Is Worth Losing (Atlantic records, track 6, "Dumb Americans")  George Carlin captured the essence of western culture:  "Because the owners of this country know the truth: It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."  So much for hope springing.

But, too, China has a dream (and here): to make China moderately prosperous and strong, rejuvenate the nation, and bring happiness to the people. This Spring Festival ushers in 2020, the year of Xiaokang or a moderately prosperous society for all members of the Chinese nation by the end of 2020.  And they are nearly there!

Much is possible with government focused on and answerable to the people that is not possible under profit-focused oligarchic rule over a sleeping populace.


Even if it is probably too late for us  - because we'd have had to have been awake and willing to separate ourselves from our expensive, addictive, self-inflicted electronic surveillance devices to bring it about - confirmation that what we all know could be may actually be happening somewhere is a welcome breath of Spring air.

In honor of that welcome breath, TLA offers articles from Black Agenda Report's contributing editor Danny Haiphong and Xinhua, as well as a Grayzone video from Red Lines with Anya Parimpel where she interviews Danny Haiphong on his recent trip to China. We also highly recommend Jeff Brown's books and column on China. Find Danny, Anya and Jeff on the ol' Lifeboat, and thanks for their permission to bring you some good news.  

Ah, Spring...