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caretaker with wheelchair

Image: truthseeker08, Pixabay CC0

Mass Extinction! This is too big for you? You don’t know how to handle it?

I thought I’d look at extinction through the lens of hospice. They know about dying. And then you scale it to a planetary dimension: a planetary hospice. I planned a series of interviews about how to prep for extinction.

I knew, that Midge and David are involved in hospice work. So I have asked them to have an interview. They both agreed, but they preferred to answer in written form. The results are two great, personal, wise and touching letters. After reading their thoughts on hospice and extinction, I have to admit that it doesn’t work that way with the planetary hospice.

We can’t really prepare for our extinction.

But we can learn so much from hospice work for our living and dying, for our personal environment. So let’s listen (or read) to what Midge and David have to say.

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