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New World Order street art
"The New World Order is the Enemy of Humanity" artwork on Hanbury Street, Brick Lane -London -

Technocracy is the proverbial operating system for the “superclass,” a centralized global elite that is working toward securing the exclusive ownership of all the world’s assets, reducing the rest of us to indebted serfs.

While the plans for a NWO based on technocracy, i.e., The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, are clearly outlined on websites like that of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and world leaders are using these terms on a regular basis, when people point out the nefarious meaning of these terms, they’re typically dismissed as loony conspiracy theorists.1

But the NWO is no conspiracy theory. It’s not even theory. It’s a fact, and details of the plan are publicly available for anyone willing to look at them. As noted by Russell Brand in the featured video, the way you stay in power is by discrediting the opposition. Calling the opposition crackpot is the oldest trick in the book.

The best defense is to grow thicker skin and simply ignore the slander. At this point, the time between conspiracy theory and fact ranges from weeks to mere hours, so the time of suffering for truth tellers has become fairly negligible.

The price we’ll pay for ignoring truth will be far more severe, as it’ll cost us literally everything — our financial wealth, our material possessions, our health and bodily autonomy, our freedom and any possibility of pursuing happiness on our own terms.

By now, it’s become clear that the NWO intends to implement a programmable currency that would give the central banks unprecedented and previously unimaginable power over your spending.

 The COVID pandemic has been used to justify the implementation of a global biosecurity strategy with increased tracking and surveillance, and war will put the final nail in the coffin of the global economy and supply chains. With all of this currently underway, our opportunity to change course is short.

Defining the NWO

Aiding the NWO in their effort is mainstream media. While that’s been the case for many decades, it’s only in the last couple of years that their role has become transparent. In a blog detailing the historical background of the NWO, Iain Davis explains:2

“The mainstream media (MSM) role is to confuse and mislead the public. They do not want the people to know what the NWO really is. They hide its history and generally deny its existence ... The MSM insist that when US Presidents talk about the NWO they are simply referring to changes in the behavioral norms, regulations and laws that broadly shape international relations.

This may be the case, but that doesn’t alter the fact that the NWO has a precise historical meaning ... It is clear that many presidents, prime ministers and geoplitical experts have referred to the NWO in its proper context ...

Contrary to the opinions of propagandists and debunkers, the NWO is a defined globalist project. The objective is to establish global governance. It was inaugurated more than 100 years ago and it has undergone numerous changes over subsequent generations.

While it wields immense political influence, it is not ‘all powerful.’ The NWO is tyrannical and oppressive by nature, hence the need for subterfuge and concealment. Its architects cannot simply enforce their dictatorship and expect to get away with it. We would resist, and if we did so in sufficient numbers there’s not much the NWO could do about it.

Therefore, we need to be controlled by other means. Education, society, culture, economics, party politics, finance, applied psychology, behavior modification, censorship, propaganda, war and crisis management are all used to maneuver us into accepting the NWO’s policy agendas.

We persistently fall into this trap because we imagine our ‘elected’ leaders are making the ‘big’ decisions: they’re not.” 

The Father of the NWO

The NWO traces back to Cecil Rhodes,3 a British business man and founder of De Beers Consolidated Mining. At his death in 1902, he bequeathed an immense fortune to the creation of a number of public foundations, a secret society, and a new world government based on the British empire. This NWO — delineated in Rhodes’ 1877 manifesto, “Confession of Faith”4 — was to be:5

“... ruled from its center by an Anglo-American elite who would exercise their control by covertly collaborating with, and manipulating, the world’s political, economic, scientific and cultural leaders. In order to exert their covert power, the group Rhodes created had to be a secret organization. As such, it wasn’t given any formal identification.

Nor was it some sort of quasi-mystical, funny handshake brigade, though many of its members were also in other secret societies which were, but rather a group by voluntary association, shared interest and a united common purpose.

Membership was offered based upon power and influence. Those who joined, agreed to take action in pursuit of the society’s aims. It wasn’t just a talking shop. They meant business.

The constituent groups came to be known by many names. ‘Milner’s Kindergarten,’ ‘The Round Table Group,’ ‘the Rhodes Crowd,’ ‘the Times Crowd,’ ‘The Chatham House Crowd,’ ‘All Souls Group’ and ‘the Cliveden set’ have all been names given to various organizations within this secret society over the years.

It worked on the basis of ‘rings within rings.’ At the center was a small group, ‘the Society of the Elect,’ who influenced the development and activities of its larger, working groups ... However, all members agreed to the key objective. To establish a single global government, which some people today refer to as the ‘New World Order.’”

Resource Wars

Will the war in Ukraine end up serving the same NWO purpose? Possibly. During a March 28, 2022, investment conference, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink stated that “Russia’s war on Ukraine will trigger a new world order, taking globalization into a different phase.”12

The destruction of global supply chains will force companies to seek new suppliers closer to the point of demand, but while many interpreted Fink’s comments as the war bringing an end of globalization, Fink stated that the new system “still means globalization” but under “a different framework.”

While we may not yet be able to see what this reorganization will look like, there’s no doubt that we’re about to enter what journalist Michael Lind refers to as “resource wars,”13 with every nation on the planet scrounging to secure their own needs from a suddenly choked-off supply of crucial goods and energy that have been outsourced and offshored for decades. As noted by Lind:14

“Even the beneficiaries of U.S. dependence on China — Silicon Valley, universities, Wall Street, ‘green’ technologies that need Chinese imports — are being forced to acknowledge that we still live in a material world in which countries can be great powers even if they do not dominate global banking and insurance markets, on the basis of mining energy and minerals, growing crops, and making physical things.

Russia and Ukraine together are responsible for more than a quarter of global wheat exports. Russia and Belarus together produce nearly half of the global exports of potash, a critical nutrient used in fertilizers, while Russia produces more than a fifth of the ammonia exports used in global agriculture.

For its part, China dominates global production of many essential minerals, both directly — producing 63% of rare earths and 45% of molybdenum — and indirectly, by investing in lithium mines in Australia, platinum mines in South Africa, and cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

The ‘Green’ Fantasy

Lind goes on to discuss the doomed ideology of the environmental movement, which claims we can go “green” without forgoing our standard of living. According to experts on mineral production,15 to achieve the goal to make all vehicles in the U.K. electric by 2050, using the most resource-frugal next-gen batteries, will require the U.K. to annually import twice the total annual cobalt produced worldwide, nearly all of the neodymium produced globally, and three-quarters of the world’s lithium.

And that’s just for the U.K. Other European countries and the U.S. also say they want all vehicles to be electric by 2050. In short, the environmental idealists’ goal to do away with gas powered vehicles is a pipedream. There aren’t enough mineral resources for even a small country like the U.K. to achieve it within the next four decades. The same goes for green energy.

Aside from that, “clean” energy isn’t clean, so the entire premise is a fraud. Solar, wind and hydro power equipment all require natural gas, oil and minerals.16 So, such transitions achieve nothing in terms of environmental protection. We still need the same massive mines, the same gas and oil extraction.

Some of this “green” equipment is also toxic and near-impossible to dispose of once they reach their useful lifespan. Wind turbines, for example, are deemed “hazardous waste” and cannot be disposed of or recycled thanks to the toxicity of the carbon and glass-fiber used in their construction. Each blade can weigh up to 15 tons, and as of yet, no one has figured out how to safely dispose of them.17

The Chatham House Rule

A key tool that has allowed for the creation of a “deep state milieu” where powerful individuals can meet and strategize in secret was the creation of the Royal Institute of International Affair’s (RIIA) Chatham House Rule in 1927.18 According to this rule, when a meeting is part thereof, “participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”

In short, what goes on or is said in the room may be revealed, but not the identity of the person or persons who did or said it. Under the rule, the list of attendees is also to be kept secret to anyone not in attendance. Breaking these rules will result in disciplinary action and exclusion from all future activities.

The anonymity afforded under the Chatham House Rule is said to encourage openness to express one’s true views, without the worry of potentially tarnishing one’s reputation, thereby strengthening business relationships.

In reality, however, the rule is what has allowed the “deep state” to flourish and shape international affairs in secret. Needless to say, owners of media are also members of various NWO groups, and respect the Chatham House Rule without question. As noted by Davis,19 “Effectively it means the most powerful, wealthiest people on Earth can meet to discuss whatever plans they may have without any public scrutiny.”

The RIIA isn’t the only organization using this rule. It’s also used by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, Le Cercle and various think-tanks, as well as international corporations, financial institutions, government steering committees and various policy advisory boards.

Our Financial Future Under Threat

As detailed by political scientist Piers Robinson in a March 2022 Pandemics-Data & Analytics article (PANDA),20 the COVID pandemic has been orchestrated to work hand in glove with major economic and political events over the past two years. It’s no longer difficult to see how the pandemic has been squeezed for every ounce of “juice” possible, from fearmongering and compliance training to wealth transfer and the destruction of the middle class.

As mentioned at the outset of this article, the geopolitical agenda driven by pandemic measures includes the push toward a programmable central bank digital currency (CBDC) that is under centralized control.

What this means is that not only will the central banks have full insight into every single transaction of every single person on the planet, they will also have the ability to program the currency so that it can only be used to purchase certain things and not others. They would literally have the ability to control the spending of the global population.

As explained by the general manager of the Bank of International Settlements, Agustin Carstens, in October 2020 (video below):21

“We intend to establish the equivalence with cash and there is a huge difference there. For example, in cash we don’t know who is using a 100-dollar bill today …

The key difference with the CBDC is that the central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use regarding that expression of central bank liability and also we will have the technology to enforce that.”

{vembed Y=9FM4Fu2ujDE}

We got a first-hand look at how this kind of power can be used when the Canadian government started seizing the personal bank accounts of protesters and even those who donated small amounts of money to the freedom movement.

“These political and economic agendas have major potential consequences for our societies and, arguably, lead to a profound, and highly problematic, concentration of power and curtailment of democracy,” Robinson writes.22

“One legitimate fear is that we are witnessing a drive toward a Chinese-style social credit system, in which the integration of personal data and money through digital ID allows assets to be stripped by authorities and, more broadly, unprecedented levels of control over the lives of people ...

It is clear and empirically demonstrable that populations have been subjected to coercive and aggressive attempts to limit their autonomy, including restrictions on movement, right to protest, freedom to work and freedom to participate in society. Most notably, increasing numbers of people have been required to take an injection at regular intervals in order to allow their participation in society.

These developments have been accompanied by often openly aggressive and discriminatory statements from major political leaders with respect to people resisting the injections. The threat to civil liberties and ‘democracy as usual’ has been, arguably, unprecedented.”

{vembed Y=Jzr82GhC5xo}

Ukraine Conflict Can Serve the NWO in More Ways Than One

Robinson fears the war in Ukraine is now being used to divert our attention from the multitude of civil liberties problems and corruption that have come to the forefront during the pandemic. They all need to be addressed and remedied but aren’t getting traction, in part due to internet censorship and in part due to the shift in attention toward the Russia-Ukraine situation. But there’s more. Robinson continues:23

“... perhaps more importantly, war fever might also serve as a new distraction from the underlying political and economic agendas that some analysts have been warning us about.

Indeed, war in the Ukraine has significant potential to serve as a new enabling event facilitating the drive toward restrictions on liberties and the roll-out of agendas that, for example, the WEF has been waxing lyrical about for two years.

A distracted and war-terrified public will be easy to manipulate whilst policies such as digital ID, mandated injections and Central Bank Digital Currencies are ushered in. Indeed, the current drive toward expanding the powers of the World Health Organization (WHO) is a clear example of the dangers of further centralization of power:

Under the guise of pandemic preparedness, the objective is to allow the WHO to force states to implement the kinds of restrictive measures we have seen over the last two years ... The possibility of a global bio-security regime, that radically disempowers local and community-level autonomy, should be of serious concern to all of us.

We simply cannot afford to continue tumbling from one highly propagandized crisis to the next and allowing our emotions to be harnessed by those who wield political and economic power ...

Now is the time for calm and rational assessments of the events we are living through and, more than ever, determined engagement with widening public understanding of the agendas that many now believe to have been underlying COVID-19.

This includes the need to interrogate the propaganda and manipulation populations have been subjected to over the last two years and the increasingly discredited policy responses involving lockdowns and mass injections.

Even more importantly, critical examination and awareness of the concentration of power and loss of democracy inherent in developments such as digital ID and CBDC digital currencies, and their interconnection with political visions regarding 4IR and digitized society, is more vital than ever.

It is these processes that present the most serious and substantive threat to people, potentially ushering in an era of what some describe as global totalitarianism ...

More than ever before, we must have the confidence to challenge those in positions of political and economic power. We are, without doubt, at a pivotal moment in our histories. People must stay focused on the big picture.”

So, in summary, the pandemic and the global countermeasures implemented in response to it, the wealth transfer and economic destabilization, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, programmable CBDCs and the NWO plan for global control are all connected.

It’s important to realize that these are not separate and unrelated events, but a coordinated effort to herd the global population in a specific, predetermined direction — one they know we’d never choose voluntarily, were we to be given all the facts. After all, who wants to “own nothing” and have every moment of your day and night surveilled in every way possible, from your correspondence and geolocation to your innermost thoughts and biological functions?

The good news is that resistance is not futile, because they need our cooperation. There’s simply too many of us for them to do anything if everyone refuses to go along with their plan. At least it won’t be easy for them if a majority simply says no.

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