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Dr Samira Alani
Depleted Uranium, Dr. Samira Alani, Al Jazeera, "Iraq War Legacy of Cancer"

We have the ability to ignore information when we don’t want to face it. A subconscious defense mechanism filters information that the subconscious has already processed but the conscious is not ready to face.

For example, let’s say a newly married couple are both working and hoping to save enough money to buy a home and start a family. He’s been lucky to get some overtime, so she understands when he gets home late and tired. His company sends him to a weekend training, after which he has even more overtime work. After several months of this, she decides it would be okay to begin looking at housing prices in different areas of the city.

She’s excited to share what she’s finding, but he’s so exhausted when he gets home that he just wants to eat, watch TV and go to bed. She’s supportive because she feels proud of him for putting so much effort into achieving their goal. So, it’s solely to this heroic effort that she attributes the new scent on his shirt, the subtle changes in his manner, eyes and voice, the recent decline in their lovemaking, the absence of their heart-to-heart conversations, and more.

From an objective position on the outside, the situation appears obvious. Not so to the woman living inside the situation. In fact, one of her close friends will probably have to spell out to her what she herself can’t – won’t – face. And if so, she’s more likely to angrily break off with her friend than to face her husband’s infidelity.

Once upon a time, confronting the conscious mind with bold-faced reality was enough to allow the subconscious to bring into consciousness all it already knew but was avoiding. Then denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, i.e. healing could occur. It is natural to try postponing the process of facing reality because it can painfully fracture the foundation on which we’ve built our life to that point. Rebuilding will be hard work involving significant introspection and the displacement of faulty beliefs. The result is a stronger, more compassionate, experienced and mature person. Once upon a time, growth and maturity depended upon this process and avoidance could hold out only so long.

But, we don’t live in Kansas anymore. More like Orwellian Acres or Oz Estates. People are happy to believe what they’re told by the little man with the big microphone. There are only two – 2, I tell you! - two biolabs in the entire world: one at Ft. Detrick and one in Wuhan. There are no biolabs in Ukraine, just beneficent science projects. The US has no intention of engaging in biowarfare or chemical warfare. Not ever. The US would not do that. We’re a democracy! With free fact-checked speech! We’re the Good Guys!

For this entire century, the West has developed an already fine art of ever bigger and more outrageous lies repeatedly repeated over ever-more-ubiquitous media, and the public has gulped it down and asked for seconds. Facing these lies fractures not only the foundations of our personal lives but also the foundation of our society, our culture, our “way of life”. Not facing the lies negates self-reliance and leaves us totally at the mercy of the liars. So let’s get real.

There are over 4,000 universities in the US and nearly every one of them has at least one BSL (bio safety laboratory). Research institutes, nonprofits, and the government have hundreds more. A 2019 University Hospital of Geneva study by Alexandra Peters found nearly 2000 worldwide, the overwhelming majority of which receive funding and direction from the US.

The US used bio- and chemical weapons like Harvard-developed napalm, white phosphorus, radiation, diseases, depleted uranium in WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Syria; sprayed, encircled (and here), irradiated, drugged, genotyped (and here), sterilized, infested, tested, infected and injected cities, nations and individuals (including children) and recorded the results and cost per individual killed; and continues doing so throughout the world. If one’s foundations are based on the US being the Good Guys, confronting the conscious mind with bold-faced reality is well overdue.

This special edition of our newsletter is designed to confront because we need to be talking about how one becomes more self-reliant and resilient, but to paraphrase Upton Sinclair, it’s difficult to confront oneself with reality when one’s entire worldview and lifestyle depend upon one’s buying the bullshit.

Enjoy the series.

Read. Resist. Prepare.

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