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Fishing trawler

Britain’s state-owned BBC reported that its counterparts in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are this week airing the results of a joint investigation (sic), which makes the frightening (sic) claim that the Kremlin has ordered a fleet of disguised ships to tap undersea telecom cables and sabotage wind farms in the North Sea.

Western media standards have been degrading over many years now. But this latest concerted public orchestration is scraping the bottom. Apart from no evidence to substantiate the breathless story, it is also plainly admitted that the claims rely on Nordic intelligence agencies as sources. It is well known from previous Wikileaks’ disclosures and other reputable sources that the Nordic state intelligence apparatus is a surrogate for the American CIA.

So, here we have government-owned media bombarding European nations with propaganda blatantly intended to whip up public fear of Russia as a threat.

This is while the United States and its NATO allies are due to begin over the next few weeks conducting the biggest-ever military maneuvers in the Nordic region. These war games dubbed “Defender 23” will stretch over several months and involve the largest transfer of U.S. troops to Europe since the supposed end of the Cold War more than 30 years ago. The deployment of NATO forces near Russia’s western border is brazenly touted as forming a “war fighting alliance”, reports the New York Times approvingly.

This massive Washington-led mobilization of tens of thousands of troops, warplanes and naval vessels in Russia’s backyard is happening at the same time that the United States and its NATO partners are pumping weapons to a rabidly anti-Russian regime in Ukraine. We know from recent Pentagon leaks that American and Western special forces are confirmed to be on the ground in Ukraine fighting against Russia. All this is somehow normalized by Western media while these same media are animated to scare their public about mysterious Russian fishing trawlers that are allegedly planning to spy on phone calls and cut off power supply from wind farms.

The gaslighting going on is truly awesome. For while the Western media try to scare the public with outlandish and unverified speculative tales about Russian villains allegedly trying to spy on European civilians and sabotage power supplies in Europe, the actual real world is willfully ignored.

The recent Pentagon leaks confirm what Wikileaks and former NSA analyst Edward Snowden have long ago revealed. Namely, that the U.S. state intelligence agencies are routinely spying on their NATO allies.

Secondly, never mind about speculated Russian intentions to blow up North Sea wind farms, what about the actual blowing up of the Nord Stream gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea? Those pipelines, which took more than a decade to construct at a cost of over $20 billion to deliver affordable natural gas from Russia to Europe, were mined by the United States and NATO accomplices last September.

The sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, as reported over two months ago by renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, was ordered personally by U.S. President Joe Biden with the deliberate objective of cutting off Europe from Russian energy. It was a gargantuan act of state terrorism and arguably an act of war against Russia. Washington’s treachery involves impoverishing Europe to make it a captive slave of American capitalism.

The Western media have systematically blanked out any in-depth reporting on Seymour Hersh’s investigation. Instead of carrying out their own follow-up investigations, these bastions of “free press” have sought to distract and muddy the waters with claims fed to them by Western intelligence agencies. The New York Times, Washington Post and German media have tried to flog absurd reports about “pro-Ukrainian militants” bombing the Nord Stream pipelines using a yacht.

The Scandinavian countries have reportedly carried out preliminary investigations into the Nord Stream incident but they have refused to disclose their findings and they have also denied Russia access to their research data – even though Russia is the major shareholder of the bombed infrastructure.

Washington and its European allies have stonewalled all calls made by Russia and China for the United Nations Security Council to commission an independent probe into the Nord Stream sabotage – potentially a crime of the century.

Incredibly, the BBC report this week on “ghost Russian trawlers” purportedly menacing undersea cables and wind farms did not make a single mention of the credible allegations that the United States and its NATO partners blew up the Nord Stream pipelines.

The BBC, New York Times and other Western media outlets have become nothing but dirty laundromats for Western intelligence services with the relentless mission of smearing Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan. It’s a feat of Orwellian achievement where the aggressors are made into victims and defenders. Western reportage on Russia and China has become a travesty. It is out-and-out demonization with no pretense of factual balance or historical context.

We are living in perilous times of war that could escalate into nuclear conflagration. The United States and its imperialist European vassals are pushing war as a last-gasp bid to prop up Washington’s waning unipolar hegemony. What makes the situation all the more dangerous is that Western media are working shamelessly to promote the war agenda.


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