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The Western nations are currently concentrating their efforts on preserving their dwindling supremacy by primarily retaliating against the actions of their biggest rivals, Russia and China. At the same time, they are eager to push for a new model of world order in which they could be in control. The idea of population control and the establishment of a “world government” are strongly promoted by them in this regard.

The world’s demographics are changing: Europe is shrinking, China is shrinking, and India, a much younger country, is overtaking them as the world’s most populous power.

Surprisingly, population growth rates are slowing down. For instance, Kenya’s fertility rate has drastically decreased over the past 50 years; women had just over three children last year compared to an average of eight 50 years ago.

Fertility rates in sub-Saharan Africa are falling even more quickly than the UN had predicted. The number of working-age individuals in South Korea and Italy, two of the world’s oldest countries, is expected to shrink by 13 million and 10 million, respectively, by 2050.

In this situation, developing states are aggressively pressing for the redistribution of global income, the supply of additional resources for the needs of economic transformation, and the avoidance of unilateral acts that would obstruct global trade flows. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi made a notable statement to this effect at the 5th Mid-Year Coordination Meeting of the African Union.

The suspicions raised in the countries of the Global South are “related to plans to exterminate people through biological warfare and Western attempts to colonize the rest of the world as a prelude to bringing it under the control of a wealthy elite.” The Egyptian media, Al-Ahram in particular, reported this on June 6, 2023.

The global majority

The majority world (in red) | Image: Stephen Sefton

According to a study published in the international journal “Ekoloji” titled Environmental strategies polarization in sustainable development of biosphere and man: myth or reality of golden billion concept?, this theory is based on the growing scarcity of resources in developed countries and the growing needs of the ruling elites and is associated with ideas of a new world order dominated by the West.

This hypothesis is mostly based on statements made by people such as Bill Gates, an American businessman and Microsoft founder. Last January, USA Today daily newspaper reported that Gates is involved in a plot to depopulate the Earth. This conclusion is based on a 2011 article in an Irish newspaper, titled Depopulation by Forced Vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution! The article quoted Gates as saying that the world’s population is “headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.”

(Incidentally, the Gates’ Foundation is officially called Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health).

British journalist Gideon Rachman published an article on the Financial Times website last October titled When Conspiracy Theorists Run Countries, which claims that conspiracy theorists have left the streets and are now even heads of state. The author uses Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni as an illustration of someone who subscribes to the “Great Replacement” theory, which argues that immigration is being promoted in an effort to undermine Christian culture in Europe. This “great” replacement’s objective is to reduce Europeans to “slaves” and customers who lack both gender and national identity.

It is perhaps appropriate to cite the words of the Russian President Vladimir Putin at the forum “Strong Ideas for New Times” that the “Golden Billion” seeks to dominate all others and impose its rules: based on the illusion of exclusivity, this theory divides people into first-rate and second-rate and is therefore inherently racist and neo-colonial. Its underlying multinational, supposedly liberal philosophy is resembling tyranny more and more, stifling free historical creativity. Since the West has historically prospered by plundering the resources of the peoples of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, it is unfit to serve as a model for human life in the future. In addition, a lot of observers believe that the elites of Western nations are currently pushing homosexuality to reduce the number of people on the planet due to concerns about the Earth’s resources.

There are valid reasons to consider the “Golden Billion” theory, according to Canadian politician of Egyptian origin, Ghada Melek. She made reference to a monument built in the US state of Georgia in 1980. This monument contained 10 new commandments engraved on granite slabs and translated into several languages. One of the commandments called for reducing the world’s population to 500 million people.

The World Economic Forum is actively pursuing the hypothesis that our planet won’t be able to support the existing population. Health issues and climate change are now exploited as scare tactics to persuade people to adopt such notions.

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of JFK, said that COVID-19 targeted ethnicity and was intended to attack “Caucasians and Blacks.” According to Oxford University study, published in Israel’s Jerusalem Post on July 15, “Almost 20 percent of adults in England believe that Jews created the coronavirus for financial gain.”

Few people today recall the Club of Rome’s anniversary report from late 2017, entitled Capitalism, Myopia, Population, and the Destruction of the Planet. It contained a harsh critique of capitalism, a rejection of financial speculation, a rejection of materialism and a simplistic understanding of the world, and a call for an alternative economy, a new enlightenment, and a unified, harmonious planetary civilization.

Along with new constructive generalizations, the report clearly draws the conclusion that population growth must be stopped.

Professor Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, wrote a paper titled The Great Reset in 2020 to elaborate on these concepts. It is full of warnings that humanity will soon confront serious issues like environmental crises, the loss of natural resources, and climatic catastrophes. Effective global leadership is necessary to meet these challenges. Simply put, it calls for the construction of a single world state and a world government. A group of elites, no more than 1% of humanity, will make up this government. The remaining 99% of the population will be under the supervision of the world government via a number of global enterprises. The “Subordinates,” who make up the majority of the population, will be interned in a computerized concentration camp. The biggest multinational corporations will take on more social responsibilities; they’ll get involved in society and work for everyone’s benefit.

In his newly disclosed recommendations for the future of the UN, António Guterres also favors entrusting the management of international affairs to the largest and wealthiest transnational corporations.

Guterres presents his General Assembly report Our Common Agenda, giving more influence and power to the corporate actors who are to blame for driving us to the brink of environmental and social catastrophe rather than increasing access to the UN system for the community of people affected by today’s crises. His proposals would make companies more influential in global leadership.

As a result, it has been proposed that the creation of corporate-led bodies will diminish the influence of national governments at the UN, take over more decision-making, and control everything – from the oceans to the financial markets.

The argument is substantiated in detail that nation-states and governments alone cannot solve the main issues of global management and other players need to be involved.

On August 3 of this year, American researcher Harris Gleckman released a piece on the Al Jazeera website outlining how the states of the Global South, represented at the UN by the Group of 77, oppose this risky new mission to amend the UN mandate.

Western states will stop at nothing to maintain the dominance of the “Golden Billion.” They use the position of UN Secretary General to strengthen their position while claiming to be reforming the organization. This is done in order to prevent a shift in the global power structure in favor of the Global South, or non-Western nations.

Since it is clear that the West will not change its stance, developing countries must step up their efforts to protect their national interests.


Veniamin Popov, Director of the “Center for Partnership of Civilizations” in MGIMO (U) MFA of Russia, Candidate of Historical Sciences, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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