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Tucker Carlson & Vladimir Putin

Several days ago, former Fox anchor Tucker Carlson sat down for a lengthy interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the week preceding this unique Q&A, CNN and other Western media focused (inadvertently) on transforming Carlson into a living legend. That is to say, by using the same methods that helped make Vladimir Putin into a modern superhero.

By constantly haranguing and mudslinging against Putin and Russia as a whole, the elite-run Western hierarchy was instrumental in creating a mystique and a celebrity of unparalleled influence. Now, days after the fascinating talk, so-called Western experts shove and push in line to add to the bonfire of Tucker Carlson’s fame. The whole circus would be hilarious if (as Mr. Putin said at one point) it was not so sad.

One example of the pre-interview propaganda came from CNN sensationalists proclaiming that Carlson is “already doing the bidding of the Kremlin,” even though the probable interview has not occurred yet. Isn’t it interesting how the American media seems to know not just what Putin thinks but also that the geniuses at CNN, BBC, ABC, NBC, and other tabloid news services want to do the audience’s thinking for them? From this writer’s point of view, the most hilarious thing ever would be for Tucker’s first question for V.V. Putin to be, “How does it feel to be a supervillain, Mr. Putin?” Carlson did not quite get there, but he did miss an essential context with his first question to Putin.

The Russian pragmatist promptly urged Carlson to refocus. The question was about something Putin said some months back about Russia naturally fearing an attack on the motherland should Western policies continue unchecked. Carlson and almost all of the other reporters misquoted Putin by saying, “Russia feared a surprise attack by the United States.” At this point, President Putin asked for some time to explain the deeper causes and implications of the conflict in Ukraine. Carlson, a student of history himself, seemed fascinated at the Russian leader’s encyclopedic knowledge of Russian, regional, and even European history. For many, these 20-plus minutes of history probably seemed dull, and Carlson was keen on this and his audience’s limited attention span on such things. Still, the sharpest viewers probably understood why Vladimir Putin took this time to “explain” to anyone watching. You see, Ukraine is not just about a recent flare-up of tensions. It’s about obliterating any semblance of cohesiveness for the Slavic people and Orthodox Christians as well. I won’t get into this here, but I will watch the entire interview and take at least one lesson from it.

In a little over twenty minutes, Vladimir Putin exhibited what any true statesman should be able to do. The deep understanding of the history and development of his country and the countries around his motherland is something no combination of modern American presidents could come close to achieving. Please recollect all the gaffs from our alleged leadership. Imagine a conversation within 100 miles of the White House where Mexico’s Poncho Villa or Benito Juárez could be discussed in a modern context. Who was the last U.S. president who recollected how the French and Indian War led inextricably to the American Revolution? Better still, how could such knowledge and the policies that come from it benefit America today? There’s one for Joe Biden to consider if he still can.

Returning to my original premise, let’s look at the pre-interview focus on those dewy British Isles. For The Telegraph readers that “Tucker Carlson isn’t ‘brave’ to interview Putin, he’s the only Western journalist allowed to” was a deep dive into negative PR campaigning. As for Carlson, he released a video on X, telling his followers he would be undertaking what “corrupt” mainstream media would not. Carlson said he would air an “unedited” interview with Putin, so viewers can decide for themselves. And despite the flaming liberal hair bonfires in the media today, this is precisely what Tucker Carlson did. He asked questions of an interviewee, and the man being interviewed gave honest answers. That is, except for Mr. Putin’s fencing on answers that would probably be either improper or of import to Russian security.

I found it fascinating that Putin laid the guilt of decades of our leadership in creating a Cold War-level atmosphere of distrust on the table. Watch the part where Putin discusses Bush Jr. and his reaction to finding out the CIA was funding extremists in Russia’s neighboring Georgia. After busting dime on a cadre of high-ranking Western officials, Putin even suggested that Carlson ask former presidents, CIA directors, and Secretaries of State what was talked about across the table at the Kremlin. Much to the reporter/analyst’s surprise, Putin told Carlson that everything he was saying had already been documented.

Today, the Western media and the leadership are telling the people not to believe anything Mr. Putin said in the interview. Why would they do something so idiotic? Anyone with an internet connection can prove or disprove what the Russian president claimed. As a side note, by now, everyone with an IQ above 50 wonders how Ukraine dictator Volodymyr Zelensky gets all the airtime and ink. And most are more upset than curious about hundreds of billions going to the Kyiv junta when millions of Americans are struggling with poverty and worse.

The people I talk to in the U.S. are beside themselves, wondering where our country is headed. Meanwhile, the PR campaigning for a dying hegemony continues. Senator Chuck Schumer is now leading a pack of warmongers to sidestep the will of the American public by starting work on a $95 billion emergency spending bill that would provide military and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Let me repeat that number, since Vladimir Putin focused a bit on what a waste this funding is when America has enormous problems at home—$95 billion.

As I type this, there are 35,574 homeless American veterans. For what it will cost to fund genocide in the Middle East, an almost inevitable conflict with China, and a NATO expansion and proxy war with Russia, every homeless vet in the U.S. could receive $2,670,489. Back to CNN before the interview, and sellout journalist Christine Amanpour was shattered that Carlson would get the Putin interview. Like so many others, she was also worried that Carlson’s reputation might be damaged. It’s a cruel irony that she nor any of her colleagues ever mention grubstaking American vets with a couple of millions instead of getting more of us killed, wounded, displaced, or enslaved by our glorious leadership. Amanpour was best described by the American Council of Science and Health for her brand of “truth” perfectly with this comment on the Flint River issue:

“Ms. Amanpour is an incredibly intelligent person who paints highly distorted views of the world — mostly by selectively providing or withholding facts — and presents them as objective journalism.”

Amanpour’s former husband, Clinton Assistant Secretary of State James Rubin, should not go unnoticed by readers here. For those old enough to remember, Rubin was the sinister Secretary Madeleine Albright’s right-hand man. He’s Anthony Blinken’s man at the Global Engagement Center (GEC). But I’m off on a tangent, which happens to anyone linking the Western liberal elite propaganda and business machinery. Read this lying windbag’s statements about the holy Western disinformation battle for truth, justice, and the way of our American empire. Please stop me here, but I have to inform readers about GEC inventing a unique disinformation recognition game announced on “X” called Car Park. No kidding. I make this linkage just to show motive.

Returning to Tucker Carlson and the “truth”, as most level-headed Americans see it, I must note how he was fired from Fox (mostly) for calling to task the pharmaceutical industry. Whether or not Tucker is featured in the State Department’s meme recognition game, Cat Park, is beyond the scope of this report. However, his revelations about the manipulated media he once worked with tell the story most people already know is true. Right after Carlson left Fox, he had this to say:

“At the most basic level, the news you consume is a lie, a lie of the stealthiest and most insidious kind. Facts have been withheld on purpose along with proportion and perspective. You are being manipulated.”

As an American, I can tell you that anyone knows what Carlson suggested is true. After all, haven’t we all learned that “The Man” runs everything we are involved in? Can any one of my compatriots deny that, on some level, most people in our country (and in the world) will tell a lie under the right circumstances? And for money and power? Let’s not kid around here, okay? I was the cable installer once. And the cable man has the American pulse better than anyone at the Mayo Clinic can feel it. Ironically, Vladimir Putin suggested that the elites run U.S. presidents and other world leaders at several junctures. The Russian president left the proof to our powers of deduction, saying privileged conversations should not be divulged. The bottom line for readers here is to watch this interview in its entirety here or on YouTube.

Finally, after watching the over two-hour-long interview, what strikes me hardest is how we can all stare doe-eyed into the faces of bold-faced liars and then take the falsehoods to the water cooler on Monday. Now, Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, the son of a former Voice of America director, will be immortal in almost the same way Vladimir Putin is. Both men are nearly as famous as Elvis already. Give it two more years, and the world will tune in. Everybody on Twitter is already watching this interview with keen interest. Perhaps most viewers will reach the end of the talk as I did, and an authentic revelation about both of these men. I won’t give it away, but seeing them react almost brought me to tears.

I just hope most people take the time to verify for themselves the key points Mr. Putin made with regard to how all this Ukraine mess (and other messes) got started. Regardless, it’s clear the media we’ve relied on so many decades not only lies to us, they’re pretty stupid to boot. Making legends of the people and ideas they try to destroy.


Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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