"Over the years we have been warned about the danger of subversive organizations that would threaten our liberties, subvert our system, would encourage its members to take further illegal action to advance their views, organizations that would incite and promote violence, pitting one American group against another... There is an organization that does fit those descriptions, and it is the organization, the leadership of which has been most constant in its warning to us to be on guard against such harm. The [FBI] did all of those things." -- Sen. Philip A. Hart, Select Committee on Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans, 1975, - Ed.

May 11, 2017 | Press TV

The issue of dismissal of FBI Director James Comey or alleged Russian meddling in US election is a dangerous distraction, according to Daniel Patrick Welch, an American writer and political analyst. [See this.]

Welch said the real issue is the resistance from Russia, China and Iran against a Western hegemony.

On Tuesday, Trump fired Comey, who had been leading a politically-charged investigation into alleged ties between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia, telling him it was time for a "new beginning" at America’s "crown jewel of law enforcement."

Comey has been criticized by lawmakers in both Republican and Democratic Parties for his handling of investigations connected to the 2016 presidential election -- the Russia investigation as well as the inquiry into Clinton's email practices while she was secretary of state between 2009 and 2013.

"This is the thing. Russia and China, increasingly together with Iran and to a lesser extent some other countries, are trying to push back against a Western hegemony out of self-interest and mere survival,” Welch told Press TV on Thursday.

“They have different ways of approaching it. They have different ways of doing it. They are some contractions that make some parts of it maybe unseemly.  It’s hard some time for Westerners to understand which way this is going, which way that is going, but that is the essential fight, that’s happening now,” he stated.

“And the Comey, Russia thing is a complete distraction, a complete nonsense,” he added.

“And besides we’re talking about the FBI. Liberals and Democrats want to get us all heated about who's running the FBI. This J. Edgar Hoover’s agency! This is the agency of the red squad. [See this.] This the agency that murdered  Fred Hampton in his bed, that hunted down the Panthers, that created COINTELPRO, that created Red Squads, and has been spouting lie after lie virtually about every issue you can name, from Martin Luther King’s assassination to this Russiagate thing,” the analyst noted.   

“There’s never been any trustworthy thing that served the people’s interest coming out of this agency,” Welch concluded. 

COINTELPRO and J. Edgar Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI from 1935 to 1972

COINTELPRO was a series of covert and illegal projects carried out by the FBI aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting American political organizations. [See this.]

J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI from 1935 to 1972, issued directives governing COINTELPRO, ordering FBI agents to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, neutralize or otherwise eliminate" the activities of the political movements and particularly their leaders.


DanielPatrickWelch PressTV 200CompDaniel Patrick Welch is a political commentator found on Press TV and OpEd News, among other journals.






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