Robert Parry | June 12, 2017 | Consortium News

Before we stumble into a nuclear war and end life on the planet, the American people might want to watch Oliver Stone’s four-part series of interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin on “Showtime.” Stone accomplishes what Western journalists should do but don’t, by penetrating deeply into the personality of this historic figure.

Typically these days, American TV news personalities use interviews with a demonized foreign leader, like Putin, to demonstrate their own “toughness” on air, hurling insulting questions at the target and pretending that this preening behavior proves their courage.

Editor's Note: Alexei Navalny, convicted of fraud and embezzlementlement while a Russian "anti-corruption" blogger, has been compared with Yatsenyuk in Ukraine, studied at Yale as a World Fellow, has been lauded in Foreign Affairs and Time, and admits to funding from NED.(and here).  If all this doesn't speak volumes to you, see FURTHER READING and definitely switch from MSM to independent media.

June 12, 2017 | RT Op-Edge

Opposition figure Aleksey Navalny's decision to move an officially authorized protest to an unauthorised location appears to be an effort "to peddle his narrative" of repressed freedom of expression in Russia for the consumption of Western media, John Laughland, from the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation in Paris, told RT.

Navalny was detained by police for moving the protest from the authorized venue, allegedly on the grounds that contractors being "pressured" by authorities refused to provide equipment.

Trump Coup

Official Washington is abuzz about ex-FBI Director Comey’s testimony and excited about possibly impeaching President Trump, but that misses the underlying story of a “soft coup” by the Intelligence Community, says Robert Parry.

Robert Parry | June 8, 2017 | Consortium News

So what were we watching in ex-FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on Thursday: an upright public servant punished for resisting a power-mad President or a participant in a political scheme to use the law as a way to overturn a U.S. presidential election?

There was a general consensus in the mainstream media that it was the first, that Comey was the noble victim and President Trump the conniving villain. And, surely, Trump could be criticized for his clumsy firing of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and ensuing expression of “hope” to then-FBI Director Comey that Flynn would not be punished further.

manufactured terrorism

Testing the validity of this assertion requires examination of Western institutions from a holistic rather than fragmentary perspective. This is easier said than done. 

There exists a massive amount of near real-time web based information available for us to process daily if we are attempting to keep abreast of world events.  This often leaves us diligently evaluating recent events, while lacking the opportunity to step back and assemble these discrete events into a more comprehensible whole.

Editor's Note:  Although this article is nearly 3 months old now, it remains completely relevant - and will stay so as long as the U.S. sponsors proxy terrorists to overthrow any government that refuses to knuckle under to the deep state.

Amid distractions from Trump’s Twitter account and the media’s concerns regarding whether or not he fully understands how NATO works, al-Qaeda has been busy in Syria over the past few weeks. According to the Guardian, fierce clashes broke out in the Syrian capital of Damascus on March 19, as “insurgents” infiltrated government-held parts of the city through tunnels.

Unsurprisingly, the relevant Guardian article was entitled “Clashes in Damascus after rebels tunnel into government-held areas.” However, a closer look at this story presents a very disturbing picture of America’s foreign policy and the corporate media’s complicity in allowing atrocities to go under-reported.

North Korean farm

Christopher Black | March 13, 2017 | New Eastern Outlook

In 2003 I had, along with some American lawyers, members of the National Lawyers Guild, the good fortune to be able to travel to North Korea, that is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, in order to experience first hand that nation, its socialist system and its people. The joint report issued on our return was titled “The Grand Deception Revealed.” That title was chosen because we discovered that the negative western propaganda myth about North Korea is a grand deception designed to blind the peoples of the world to the accomplishments of the Korean people in the north who have successfully created their own circumstances, their own independent socio-economic system, based on socialist principles, free of the domination of the western powers.

Editor's Note:  Robinson gives a cogent example of why it isn't possible to keep the empire's toys yet enjoy independence.

William I. Robinson | June 6, 2017 | Truthout

The day after the Organization of American States (OAS) met in Washington, DC, on May 31 at the behest of the US and right-wing Latin American governments to debate the crisis in Venezuela, judge Nelson Moncada was gunned down at an opposition protest in Caracas, in a crime that some claimed was an act of revenge for his involvement in the sentencing of a prominent opposition politician. The OAS, however, remained silent on the crime, as well as on the deepening crisis and escalating state repression against mass protests sweeping Brazil and Colombia. Bolivian President Evo Morales accused the OAS of seeking to "politically eliminate the anti-imperialist presidents and governments" in Latin America in line with the historic pattern of US intervention in the region to prop up right-wing dictatorships and crush revolutionary and progressive movements.

June 9, 2017 | RT

The air forces of the US-led coalition are working to undermine the anti-terrorist efforts of the Syrian government, Colonel General Sergey Surovikin of the Russian ground forces has said.

“Despite promoting the aim of fighting international terrorism, the coalition is striking the Syrian military, allowing IS militants to leave encircled areas unhindered, thus strengthening the terrorist groupings near Palmyra and Deir ez-Zor,” Surovikin said.

“The coalition air forces and the strongholds of the forces of New Syrian Army [now known as the Revolutionary Commando Army] have blocked the way of the government forces, tasked with defeating IS [Islamic State] groups,” he said at a briefing on Friday.“This is a violation of the sovereign right of Syria to protect it borders,” he said.

The statement comes after US warplanes stuck pro-government forces near At Tanf on Thursday, the third such incident in the space of several weeks.

Glen Ford |

The international Islamic jihadist network, created nearly four decades ago in Afghanistan by the United States, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, is unraveling in full view of a planetary audience. Donald Trump thinks it’s all his doing -- but he’s wrong, of course.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has rallied most of the Gulf Cooperative Council to isolate -- and possibly overthrow -- the emir of neighboring Qatar, the world’s third largest natural gas producer. The dispute between Qatar and the House of Saud -- the two main funders of al Qaida and its spawn, the Islamic State -- is rooted in rivalries beyond the mental grasp of the idiot in the White House, but Trump nevertheless takes full credit. “During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology,” Trump tweeted. “Leaders pointed to Qatar — look!”

Reaper Drone

Norman Solomon | May 4, 2017 | Expose Facts

At dusk I stood on a residential street with trim lawns and watched planes approach a runaway along the other side of a chain-link fence. Just a few dozen yards away, a JetBlue airliner landed. Then a United plane followed. But the next aircraft looked different. It was a bit smaller and had no markings or taillights. A propeller whirled at the back. And instead of the high-pitched screech of a jet, the sound was more like… a drone.

During the next half-hour I saw three touch-and-go swoops by drones, their wheels scarcely reaching the runaway before climbing back above Syracuse’s commercial airport. Nearby, pilots were at the controls in front of Air Force computers, learning how to operate the MQ-9 Reaper drone that is now a key weapon of U.S. warfare from Afghanistan to the Middle East to Africa.

Red Herring

The Democrats’ demagogic use of Russia-gate to “resist” President Trump is putting progressives in league with warmongers and war contractors while postponing a serious assessment of the party’s political problems, warns Norman Solomon.

Norman Solomon | June 5, 2017| Consortium News

The Trump administration has already done enormous harm to the United States and the planet. Along the way, President Trump has also caused many prominent progressives to degrade their own political discourse. It’s up to us to challenge the corrosive effects of routine hyperbole and outright demagoguery.

Consider the rhetoric from one of the most promising new House members, Democrat Jamie Raskin, at a rally near the Washington Monument over the weekend. Reading from a prepared text, Raskin warmed up by declaring that “Donald Trump is the hoax perpetrated on the Americans by the Russians.”

[Editor's Note: This article articulates precisely why certain "progressive" sites are not listed among TLA's Internet resources, and it vividly illustrates the criminal practice of gatekeeping (see here and here and here and here and here) - i.e. lying for fun and profit - as practiced in this instance by The Intercept.]

Moon of Alabama | June 06, 2017 | Moon of Alabama

Yesterday The Intercept published a leaked five page NSA analysis about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. Its reporting outed the leaker of the NSA documents. That person, R.L. Winner, has now been arrested and is likely to be jailed for years if not for the rest of her life.

FBI search (pdf) and arrest warrant (pdf) applications unveil irresponsible behavior by the Intercept's reporters and editors which neglected all operational security trade-craft that might have prevented the revealing of the source. It leaves one scratching the head if this was intentional or just sheer incompetence. Either way - the incident confirms what skeptics had long determined: The Intercept is not a trustworthy outlet for leaking state secrets of public interests.

China Rising

Jeff J. Brown | June 4, 2017 | Punto Press

The following is a small collections of excerpts, from Jeff J. Brown’s book at Punto Press: China Rising- Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations- The True Face of Asia’s Enigmatic Colossus.  After the Prologue, one chapter from each of the four main sections of the book is included.


On a personal level, this book is a virtuous circle. My first book, 44 Days, really gave me a deep understanding of China and its peoples. This book, China Rising- Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations- The True Face of Asia’s Enigmatic Colossus, has enabled me to discover my own countries (the United States and France), past and present, as well as digging much deeper and wider into all things China, past, present and future.

This whole process has been a voyage to learn the truth and I slowly realized this means questioning a lifetime of conventional wisdom, the popular consensus and their accepted myths. Looking back, I was not really prepared to do this, until coming back to China in 2010.

USA v China

In recent years, many American leaders have grown cavalier about nuclear war, especially with Russia, but there is also risk of a devastating conflict with China, as former U.S. Ambassador Chas W. Freeman Jr. observes.

Chas W. Freeman Jr. (in a May 1, 2017 speech at Brown University) | Consortium News

Let’s not kid ourselves. The armed forces of the United States and China are now very far along in planning and practicing how to go to war with each other. Neither has any idea when or why it might have to engage the other on the battlefield but both agree on the list of contingencies that could spark conflict. These range from naval scuffles in the Spratly or Senkaku Islands to full-spectrum combat over Taiwan independence or reunification.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

The most important truth of our time is that the military/security complex requires an enemy in order to keep profits flowing.

Paul Craig Roberts | June 2, 2017 | Institute for Political Economy

Brzezinski’s death at 89 years of age has generated a load of propaganda and disinformation, all of which serves one interest group or another or the myths that people find satisfying. I am not an expert on Brzezinski, and this is not an apology for him. He was a Cold Warrior, as essentially was everyone in Washington during the Soviet era.

[Editor's Note: In presenting these articles on President Duterte, we request you ask yourself, "Why have I seen none of this in the West's MSM?" No one is all good or bad, yet that is the Genetically Modified diet the MSM feeds its dutiful readers.]

F. William Engdahl | May 30, 2017 | New Eastern Outlook

The only word I find for it is cloddish. I refer to the latest CIA-instigated attempt to initiate regime change against outspoken Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The so-called ISIS terror attack in the minerals-rich southern Philippines island of Mindanao, a predominately Muslim part of the mostly Christian nation of 100 million people, took place literally in the midst of President Duterte’s talks in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Duterte Putin talks in turn followed Duterte’s attendance in Beijing on May 15 for the first New Silk Road or Belt Road Forum. America’s colonial asset since 1898 was clearly walking away from the Washington “reservation.”

[Editor's Note: In presenting these articles on President Duterte, we request you ask yourself, "Why have I seen none of this in the West's MSM?" No one is all good or bad, yet that is the Genetically Modified diet the MSM feeds its dutiful readers.]

July 24, 2016 | Asia Times

MANILA–At 3.29 pm Friday, Joel Nider was shot dead by unidentified men in front of his restaurant in Baguio City.

That same day, in the same city, Nash Palomique and his companion were killed in a shootout.

In the nearby province of Pangasinan, Friday, two bodies were discovered and beside them was a cardboard with the message “I am a Pusher.” A sachet of suspected methamphetamine hydrochloride was found beside one of the bodies.

Dan Steinbock | August 22, 2016 | World Financial Review

[Editor's Note: In presenting these articles on President Duterte, we request you ask yourself, "Why have I seen none of this in the West's MSM?" No one is all good or bad, yet that is the Genetically Modified diet the MSM feeds its dutiful readers.]

Internationally, Rodrigo Duterte, the new president of the Philippines, has been portrayed as a “dangerous populist”. That’s a gross caricature. In the elections, he leaned on the nationalistic, social-democratic PDP-Laban (lit. Philippine Democratic Party-People’s Power). He is a tough pragmatic realist who focuses on actions and results, not talks and formalities.

After two decades as Mayor of Davao, the country’s second-largest city, Duterte won the elections with a tough stand on crime. He has a track record. When he took over in Davao in the 80s, it was regarded as a dangerous economic backwater. Today, the city is booming and crime is down. Now he would like to “davao” the nation.