Ed. Note:  Another gem from a great little blog, this brief article omits two points which seem vital to the discussion. First, there was an American Dream for a brief period from 1945 to 1960 -- just enough to create another Camelot myth. David Hapgood lucidly explained in the 70s why that period was a nonrecurring fluke, though Reagan exhumed a zombiefied version during the 80s using credit. Second, oil. Richard Heinberg, Peak Oil's most thorough chronicler, has detailed why the party is now completely over.

Bernie Edwards | , 201

For fuck’s sake, why?

The dream could never become reality without exploitation. It needs an underdog to be trampled on, robbed and taken out of the picture. From the overt exploitation of slavery, through the continued exploitation of segregation, on to the current period of stagnation where desperation has reached the point that, even by exploiting (stealing) the wealth of other nations over recent decades and making deals with evil forces, the dream has already faded. As Umair Haigue explains: back in 1971 – “…without a group of people to exploit, the American economy simply began to fail, because it was predicated still on that exploitation to begin with.”

Read the full article here: Did America Ever Really Work?

When is the world going to wake up?  Ever?  I personally fail to see the ‘hope’ for better things that Umair always seems to need to add to the end of his fine writings.  There is no ‘hope’.  So, on to eventual ‘collapse’.  Now that’s something you can really believe in.  It happens every time a society reaches the stage modern society is already experiencing.  I can smell it in the air.  A ‘reboot’ is in order  …and it will have to be achieved without the fillip of the considerable ‘one shot only’, irreplaceable earth resources that we have so assiduously and profligately consumed over the past century or more to get to where we are today.

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