On some level we know: we are on the Titanic. We just don’t know we’ve been hit. 

—John Brandenburg, Monica Rix Paxson, Dead Mars, Dying Earth, 1999

Pictured sinking and accompanied by the Brandenburg/Paxson quotation (above) on our first website launched in 2006, the RMS Titanic, the biggest, fastest, strongest, most luxurious, most technologically advanced, most arrogant metaphor for civilization, is gone beneath the waves, carrying its obsession with money-over-life to the depths.

Denial that your vessel is in trouble merely forecloses possibilities.

Richard Heinberg, Museletter 297

TLA Lighthouse HeaderRAs the hour is very late, our current website attempts to focus as a lighthouse, illuminating the fatal waters and rocks surrounding us with articles, conversations and links to many others doing similar work.

Lifeboats can still prove useful for cultural decoupling, for refocusing on Nature, for gaining perspective, comraderie, and some modicum of choice in how we meet our fate. 

The urge to hope for a miracle is rooted deep in our culture. In ancient Greece, writers got their characters out of completely irresolvable situations using a machine to "fly" an actor portraying a god into the scene, a "god from the machine".

If, after readying ourselves for the worst, some phantasmagorical deus ex machina were to appear in defiance of the laws of physics and Nature, we will have lost nothing but our insanity.