These are sites and articles we currently find useful. Like the proverbial blind men examining the elephant, many have hold of a piece or pieces but not the whole. So, some sites are more consistently useful than others but we feel these are all worth checking out for their various perspectives, particular expertise, and/or the tools they can give readers.

If a site become inactive, co-opted or unreliable, we remove it. 

When we find a new site, we vet it for a period before adding it.

For convenience, we have grouped sites in these categories:  Arts, Economy, Self-Reliance, Planet, and RSM (Reality-Stream Media). RSM is separated into NEWS - those sites adding articles daily or hourly, and COMMENTARY/ANALYSIS - those providing in-depth studies and insightful commentary on events.

Please let us know if there are broken links or if a site does not open on a new page.  New links marked with asterisk (*). To find these, enter * in Edit/Find at the top of your screen.   

Updated: 08-24-17

Portal Design Logotipo Quadrado Somente icone 1.0.0Art for Change  -  art as it should be:  inspiring deep reflection & change

Nebador Standing on Your Own 2 Feet

eco green economy iconEconomy  -  realities & alternatives


Huhn colouredSelf-Reliance - homesteading & emergency prep

Azure Standard  wholesale organic food                        

orru earthPlanet

Strangely Like War (deforestation)

transmissionRSM:  Reality-Streaming Media

Machovka TV set 2NEWS:
Al Alam  (Iran)  *
Almasdar News (AMN/Syria)
CaribFlame (Caribbean) *
Fars News Agency  (Iran)  *
Global Times  (China)
GMA Network  (Philippines) *
Granma  (Cuba)
Press TV (Iran)
Russia Insider (RI) (News with humor)
Blue feather 2017042645ANALYSIS & COMMENTARY :
Art of Annihilation Cory Morningstar
Consortium News Robert Parry
Rice Farmer  (website lists)
Tortilla con sal  (Latin America) *