Extreme Weather

Title Created Date
Temperatures Climb to 38C in COLDEST City on Earth 25 August 2020
‘I Hope To God I Am Wrong’ – Climate Change ‘Going Through The Roof’ 25 July 2023
2020 Starts With the Plain Prospect of Rising Heat 27 January 2020
A World on the Edge of... Collapse? 27 February 2024
An Ice Free Arctic? A Reality Soon? 08 September 2018
An Orwellian Climate While Rome Burns 30 December 2020
Another Blistering Year Next Year? 01 January 2023
Antarctic Heatwave: A Rapid Analysis of the March 2022 Dome C Record Heatwave 21 April 2022
Antarctica Hits Records as Global Heat Looms Large for 2024 02 October 2023
Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb 17 September 2018
Arctic Emergency: Scientists Speak on Global Warming 08 September 2018
Arctic Heating Races Ahead of Worst Case Estimates 02 September 2020
Betrayal: The Threat to Life on Earth 07 August 2023
Climate Change ‘Fueling Deadly Lightning Strikes’ in India 05 July 2020
Climate Change and the 1991-2020 U.S. Climate Normals 03 July 2021
Climate Heat is Changing Earth’s Water Cycle 13 July 2021
Climate Talk: Will Technology Save Us From Climate Change? 28 February 2021
Dancing With Grief 29 July 2019
Dangerous Humid Heat Extremes Occurring Decades Before Expected 31 January 2022
Earth Doomed--It's Worse Than You Think 17 December 2023
Earth's Vital Signs are Going Haywire 02 August 2023
Edge of Arctic Sea-Ice Never Seen This Far North 22 September 2020
Eventually, We Will All Be Climate Refugees 22 November 2019
Extreme Heat and Cold Kill Five Million Every Year 13 July 2021
Extreme Heat Events in China Ever More Frequent: Blue Book 10 July 2023
Extreme Heat in Western US Worsens Insect Infestations 08 August 2023
Flood Risk Will Rise as Climate Heat Intensifies 25 August 2021
Floods 23 June 2017
Freakish Arctic Fires Alarmingly Intensify 13 August 2020
Global Water Monitor - 2022 Summary Report 14 January 2023

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