Mark Twain said history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes. For five days this week Austria locked down its unvaccinated people. Almost two million were only allowed out to work and to buy food and such.

Many of those unvaccinated were therefore working in shops and cafes and restaurants and so on – as lowly servants, if you will – but as soon as their shifts ended they could not be in those same places, certainly not as customers.

Even before getting to the morality, or otherwise, of such rules, on what planet does that strategy even make sense? They were fit to serve the vaccinated their coffees, and to bag their purchases, but they were deemed otherwise unclean and unfit to be mixing with the good, clean people.



Complete transcript available at GBNews UK.


Neil Oliver is a Scottish television presenter and author. Trained as an archaeologist, he is best known as the presenter of several documentary series on archaeology and history, including A History of Scotland, Vikings, and Coast. He is also an author of popular history books and historical fiction. He was the president of the National Trust for Scotland from 2017 to 2020.

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