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Derrick Jensen Lecture Series

Examining the premises and core elements of his controversial and groundbreaking books, this two-hour lecture and discussion spotlights author and environmental activist Derrick Jensen. Providing a perfect introduction for newcomers as well as additional insight for those already familiar with Jensen’s work, this argument courageously exposes the ravages of industrial civilization.

Relaying humorous anecdotes from the presenter’s life and bravely presenting some of the endless forms that resistance can—and must—take, this discourse leaves its audience both engaged and enraged.

 volume up 24Star Wars

 volume up 24How Many Environmentalists Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

 volume up 24Apocalypse

 volume up 24Smashing the Death Camp

 volume up 24Voluntary Transformation

 volume up 24Premises

 volume up 24Civilization Can Never Be Sustainable

 volume up 24Get Back In The Real World

 volume up 24Cities And Civilization

 volume up 24Why Do You Pay Rent?

 volume up 24Violence Only Flows Down

 volume up 24Fuck

 volume up 24How Bad Does It Have To Get?

 volume up 24Overpopulation

 volume up 24Bringing Down Civilization, Pt. 1

 volume up 24Cell Phone Towers

 volume up 24Bringing Down Civilization, Pt. 2

 volume up 24We Need It All

 volume up 24Insanity

 volume up 24Culture Of Occupation

 volume up 24Delusions

 volume up 24Pacifism

 volume up 24Despair

 volume up 24Those Who Participated...

 volume up 24Hope

 volume up 24Pretend You Are a River

 volume up 24Picket Pin and Stake

 volume up 24Q and A

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