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Western nations have sanctioned themselves into major food, fuel and fertilizer crises, while their biolabs release bioengineered insects and seeds that threaten existing crops and their central banks inflame inflation making what food is available, unaffordable.

Nearly two dozen major US food suppliers and distributors and transporters have had mysterious “accidents” during the past few months destroying tens of thousands of tons of grains plus millions of livestock.

Meanwhile, drought worsens throughout US agricultural areas; India and Pakistan experience record heat across agricultural lands.

Special Edition: “Got Food? examines the Feast of Famine that’s ignorantly? deliberately? being prepared for our Fall and Winter subjugation. Then we introduce our new series of articles highlighting some of the means by which we can avoid become more self-reliant, less vulnerable to being “reset”.

In a brief article “They Will Starve the World”, writer and activist Nikolai Starikov reasons that the patterns in current food insecurity point toward deliberate moves creating a desperate situation. “Laboratory Analysis Prove Invalidity of Wheat Seeds” combines two news items on seed which US occupation forces tried to pass off on Syrian farmers which could ruin their land and crops. Release of US modified insects threatens crops and people, as described in “US Military-Led Insect Project”.

Meanwhile, the US continues to steal Syria’s harvested wheat (“Biden’s Famine”) and Wall Street/WEF insider Sara Menker predicts the world has only 10 weeks’ store of wheat remaining. Already some towns in France are setting up food vouchers (“French Municipalities”).

While Brussels plays politics with Ukraine’s wheat supply (“Brussels Forcing Ukraine”), at least one developing African country’s leadership sees an opportunity to develop its economy through food export (“Food Insecurity and Prospects for Emerging Players”). Dr. Mathew Maavak’s “The Imminent Global Food Crisis” is an excellent summary of what happens when hubris mixes with ignorance. Understanding how the world works is essential to avoid enormously stupid mistakes from which we actually cannot recover. Ever – since the world will be at 5oC before we get the chance. Corey Lynn describes the controlled food system that is already in place around us and nearly complete.

We cannot stop those whose greed, hubris and sense of god-given Entitlement (“Manifest Destiny”) is leading them to destroy the world by trying to control it. But, we can resist.

Resistance is fertile!

When our backs are to the wall, options are few, anxiety high, decisions may be poor. But, we can buy ourselves time with food and water. Check out our “Basic Food Security 101”and “The Victory Garden” by Dr. Robert Malone. Go all the way to sustainable subsistence farming with Richard and Aimee Douglass, “Doing It Different. And, “Reap the Rewards of Planning” with the founder of a leading producer and distributor of natural, organic, and non-GMO food., David Stelzer.

It’s mid-June: Let’s Get Growing!

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Please, no seasonal, temporary, or “learning experience” inquiries. If you are ready to leave the system, we offer a shared place to shelter during collapse.

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