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Women's rights protest
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Since I first wrote here about NATO’s war on sports-women just over a year ago, NATO have really ramped up their misogynistic game. Kamila Valieva, Maryana Naumova, Chelsea Mitchell and NATO’s other victims can, however, take heart as many other women are waking up to the perils they face for the crime of being females who just want to conduct their affairs without having NATO’s ANTIFA thugs battering them black and blue.

Before moving on to sport, let’s quickly recap on the fall of sister Scotland and its corrupt Scottish National Party (SNP). Following the SNP’s insistence to house a notorious serial male rapist in a female prison, there was such an uproar that NATO had to jettison Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the SNP’s party of rogues. Though Sturgeon and her husband are now under investigation for the usual litany of crimes one invariably associates with NATO toadies, the safety of Scottish women in the face of this NATO onslaught is still far from a given.

This can be seen even more clearly in New Zealand and England, where women, who have the temerity to say that a woman is simply and obviously an adult human female are under sustained physical attack and, even though they are the truest inheritors of England’s brave Sufragettes, they are rightly in fear of their lives from NATO’s ANTIFA thugs.

This can be seen even more clearly again in Vichy Ireland where Sinn Féin and the Trotskyist ass wipes of People Before Profit are campaigning for the right (sic) of Barbi Kardashian, a transsexual “who is diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder”, to be housed with female prisoners. Here, according to recent court testimony, is how Kardashian wants to rape his own mother: “I would bring a screwdriver to insert inside her genitalia because I am a woman and women rape using objects; it would definitely be a long, protracted incident, I would want her to bleed out after death after a number of hours, by putting objects into her vagina, pouring boiling water into that area.” Kardashian has previous convictions for violent sex offences against women; here is an online petition objecting to Kardashian being housed with vulnerable women you might like to sign.

Kardashian is not the only cuckoo NATO have dropped into the Irish nest. People Before Profit and NATO’s other fifth columns have been fighting hard to have “This is Gay”, purportedly a children’s sex education book, disseminated through every school and library in Ireland. This book teaches its pre-pubescent readers how to fist and how to partake in hard sports (literally how to eat shit), something no adult and certainly no child needs to know, no matter what Bill Clinton, George Mitchell and other frequent flyers to Epstein’s Orgy Island and Ireland’s own Orgy Island may have us believe. Although there has been a backlash against this child grooming, it is, as yet, only a skirmish as the main war lies across the Atlantic, in the USA, the Belly of the Beast.

Although the gallant English women fighting this evil cancer deserve their own article and more, space constraints preclude that important diversion. All I can say is to check out Fair Play for Women and the other English women fighting the good fight for women and girls everywhere, including in America itself, where NATO’s ANTIFA storm troopers are stomping women head first out of our common social space.

This struggle between American women and American men Blackfacing American women has recently been epitomised in NATO awarding a number of lucrative sponsorship deals for women’s tampons and women’s sports’ bras to Dylan Mulvaney, an American male who blackfaces as a woman, and ANTIFA’s concomitant physical assault on American sports women objecting to this travesty.

Before getting on to the big guns who are actually pulling the trigger here, let’s first acknowledge that sponsorship for women in sport is sparse enough and that whatever money there is should go to women and girls, not to members of America’s Blackface community. Let’s also acknowledge that menstruation and proper sports’ bras are of paramount concern to all women and girls involved in sport and that NATO’s Blackface community, Mulvaney included, have absolutely nothing of value to add to any discussion on those issues. If champions are needed, there are countless women and girls who fit the bill as they would make ideal role models for their more starry eyed sisterhood than bulls who imagine themselves to be cows

Although there should be no debate on any of that with Mulvaney and his tucking fetish, NATO won’t even allow debate. When champion American swimmer Riley Gaines tried to put the case for women and girls at San Francisco State University (SFSU), she was beaten up and held hostage by these ANTIFA thugs. As SFSU issued a statement praising the ANTIFA thugs who criminally assaulted her, and as the idiot who has the gig of White House Press Secretary has also weighed in on behalf of NATO, we can see how this rampant fascism has the American concept of free speech by the short and curlies.

Although British champion swimmer Sharon Davies MBE and British shot putter Amelia Strickler are to be commended for backing Gaines and for telling Mulvaney and his Nike backers to take a hike, this battle is as much above their pay grade as it is above that of Valieva, Naumova or even Scotland’s JK Rowling. Although they are to be commended for throwing their weight against Nike, Mulvaney and the others, they must look at the organ grinders behind those clueless monkeys. Chief amongst those groomers are the National Endowment for Democracy and George Soros’ Human Rights’ extortionists. Let’s now put these Mafia kingpins into the frame.

Mulvaney owes his cuckoo prominence not only to his well-connected talent (sic) agency but to George Soros’ Corporate Equality Index (CEI), which issues a CEI score on behalf of Human Rights Campaign, the world’s largest and most sinister LGBTQ+ political lobbying group. As this article explains, because “some American CEOs are more concerned about pleasing BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street Bank — who are among the top shareholders of most American publicly-traded corporations (including Nike, Anheuser-Busch and Kate Spade) — than they are about irritating conservatives”, keeping the ANTIFA fascists onside with inappropriate ads with Blackfaces like Mulvaney is much more important to their bottom line than is listening to women or girls, who are their target market. The objective, then, is to pay off the Blackfaces and convince women and girls to admire those, like Mulvaney, who parody and mock them.

As BlackRock, Vanguard and their vassals are hammering American women and girls on one flank, CIA controlled groups like the Centre for Strategic and International Studies are, as this conference shows, “advancing LGBTQIA+ Rights via U.S. Foreign Policy” on the other. These smooth talkers provide the intellectual shibboleths that are the fodder of a million Trojan Horses the CIA employ to emasculate any competing source of power or authority, the sovereign voice of women and girls in this case.

Although I have previously addressed fascism’s trans-humanist face, the issue is how to grapple with and defeat this multi-headed hydra. Although the sports-women of America, Britain and Russia are to be commended, their efforts are nowhere near enough to carry the day. The entrepreneurs and policy makers of Russia and especially China must respond with innovative products and tournaments to let the world know that not only are they safe spaces for girls and women to follow their preferred sports but that they will, as far is practicable, extend that safety net to Chelsea MitchellRiley GainesKelly-Jay Keen Minshull and all other women and girls who demand Fair Play for Women.


hayes 175x230Declan Hayes:  Irish-born, former professor of Finance at The University of Southampton, UK., has published widely in English and Japanese on matters of economics, finance and politics.




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