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Painting by Theodore Valerio (1819-1879) Public Domain

In a Hobbesian struggle of all against all, the advantages of coming into the fight late after the many have worn themselves out can not be overstated.  As for myself, I’d prefer to participate in any life or death struggle right about the time my opponents can no longer offer effective resistance due to exhaustion.  After all, if everyone is in the street beating each other with hammers, then each minute that I’m out of that melee is another minute that I’m not exposed to flying hammers and that is a very good thing.  It ups my chances of survival.

Some of you readers might be thinking that waiting out a fight is cowardly or not honorable but I disagree.  Say, for example, that you live in an arid region of the country where your water comes to you from several states away.  Were that water to vanish, regardless of the reason, you’d notice a flurry of activity that would make you pine for the days when people just beat each other with hammers.  Eventually, though, the population would drop to a level that the water resources could support but to make it that far you’d either have to be Rambo on Adderall or someone that put away 15 cases of water, some weapons and a Lifestraw.

With that in mind, let’s take a moment to look at our current boxing match to see where we are and, possibly, where we are heading.

Round One:  Fear Porn.  Fear porn over the sniffles was used to terrify the public and trigger the Fight or Flight response to shut down or weaken everyone’s immune system.  It is a known fact that Stress is the trigger for Fight or Flight and it is also a fact that the first thing the body does when it is under stress is to conserve strength by shutting down the immune system.  You’ve heard it said that stress is the #1 killer and it is still the reigning champion even in these unusual times.

Sane rational people with common sense got to sit out round one.

Round Two:  Flatten the Curve.  Fresh air and sunshine would have been the proper response to a virus that transmits person to person so, naturally, the people were arrested for going to parks, playgrounds and the beach.  Those living in cramped mega-cities became prisoners in their own homes while the entire neighborhood was forced to congregate in the one or two grocery stores that were allowed to remain open to the public.  You couldn’t go to church but you could go to Trader Joe’s.  In military speak, funneling your opponent into an area with limited options is called a “kill zone”.

Those living in rural areas and those with some land surrounding their home got to sit out round two.

Round Three:  Masks.  There is a reason why a car’s exhaust is NOT released into the passenger compartment.  Exhaust, whether yours or that of a car is meant to be expelled into the air.  Breathing in your own exhaust all day will leave you in a weakened and compromised state where you can easily become sick and thus become a victim of all those murder-ventilators that were somehow quickly manufactured and delivered to hospitals so as to kill as many people as possible.  Wasn’t it amazing how fast ventilators were mass produced and the cash incentives hospitals were given to put as many people as possible (people made sick from their masks) on these ventilators?

Those of us that didn’t spend the last 18 months breathing our own exhaust got to sit out round three.

Round Four:  Shortages.  The fear porn knob was turned all the way up to 11 with the shortage of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and bleach.  This caused more stress thus turning off people’s immune systems and forced the unprepared to breathe their own exhaust and congregate in the one place where they could get sick.  Few things can motivate people locked in their homes as a shortage of toilet paper.

Those of us that already had extra toilet paper and sanitation items didn’t have to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.  We got to sit that round out and conserve our strength.

Round Five:  Printing Press goes Brrrrrrrrrr!   Creating trillions and trillions of dollars out of thin air so that everyone can stay at home and binge watch Netflix while waiting for their Grubhub order from Taco Bell does come with a cost.  Now, people without hard assets are never going to be allowed to own any as the cost of these items has skyrocketed beyond what these government handouts can provide.  Used car prices are up as much as 50%.  Home prices saw the largest increase in history.

If you have hard assets then you saw those assets keep pace with inflation and you got to relax and sit round five out.  If anything, your net worth went up as did the good people of Santa Barbara who saw the value of their homes rise by $660,000 year-over-year.

Round Six:  Vaccines.  We are now in round six of this twelve round fight.  Make no mistake, if you are an employee of any corporation that does business with the government then you will be forced to take the jab or quit your job.  If you work for government then you will be forced to take the jab or quit your job.  If you work in healthcare then you will be forced to take the jab or quit your job.  If you wish to attend University (even online) then you will have no option but to take the jab.  If you like to frequent bars and restaurants or go to concerts then you will be forced to take the jab.  Finally, those living in the mega-cities may soon discover that Blackrock owns all the  apartment buildings and being jabbed will become a requirement to live in said apartment.

Those of us that saved and put away for a rainy day are currently sitting out round six.

As I see it, we are at best midway through this fight.  I can also very clearly see that the people that did not have the luxury of sitting out the first six rounds are not currently swinging their hammers with very much gusto.  They are weak, exhausted, sick, broke and cowering in fear.  In round six, they allowed themselves to be injected with poison which is clotting them up day-by-day and has further weakened their immune system.  They have to internalize that the same people that stand behind the efficacy of the vaccine are also the same people that just brought about the debacle in Afghanistan.

This is where we find ourselves now but where does the trend-line say we are going?

Round seven will probably bring travel restrictions followed by more lock-downs.  Beyond that, it is hard to guess what will come.  We are currently seeing the largest migration in American history both at our Southern border and internally as people flee the Blue States.  Internal passports will probably become a thing as they did in the Soviet Union so that liberty minded people will be unable to flee to saner pastures.

If you are outside of the mega-cities and its suburbs then you are prepared for this too.  Well, better prepared than the people in the mega-cities at least.

Beyond this is just wild speculation as the fog of war is just too thick.  We could have hyperinflation, a civil war, a false flag terror event or all of the above.  We could see horrors that we can not even imagine today.  What is important, though, is the ability to wait out those horrors or to be able to jump in at a time of your choosing when your opponents are at their weakest.  Make no mistake, this IS what we’ve prepped for and the time to put those preps to use is NOW.  Do what you can to avoid becoming a victim.

The wheat is being separated from the chaff and next comes the winnowing.  Stand strong or be carried away by the wind.

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