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The stability of the biosphere has been in decline for centuries and in unstoppable, out of control mode for decades. This “Great Acceleration” of biospheric collapse is an easily verifiable fact. The scientific evidence is overwhelming.

Evidence is also compelling that the vast majority of people will deny this, especially those still benefiting from the existing order and those who fear that “accepting reality” means “giving up.”

The history of scores of previous boom and bust (progress / regress) societies clearly reveals how and why industrial civilization is dying. Accepting that Homo colossus’ condition is incurable and terminal may be key to not making a bad situation catastrophically worse.

APPLICATION — TO AVOID BECOMING EVIL on a geological time scale, we must…
1. Minimize deadliest toxicity (nuclear, methane, chemicals).
2. Assist plants (especially trees) in migrating poleward.
3. Invest time, energy, and resources in all things regenerative, including thriving with LESS (less energy, stuff, stimulation), learning from and supporting indigenous wisdom and experience, and nurturing community eco-literacy and resilience.

CORE MESSAGE: Without an understanding of ecology, energy, and history, good people with the best of intentions will unknowingly propose and support policies likely to make a bad situation catastrophically worse. Or as an ecologist friend of mine likes to say, “If you don’t 'get' overshoot, you’ll misinterpret or misdiagnose virtually everything important.”

PERSONAL NOTE: I consider this video to be the single most important thing I've created. Thanks to all who helped me improve it! The first draft of this video -- "Irreversible Collapse: Accepting Reality, Avoiding Evil": -- garnered 8,000 views and 200 comments in one week, including suggestions for improvement. So I revised it based on collective intelligence.



0:00:00 Introduction and Thesis
0:07:06Sane vs. Insane "Progress"
0:14:32 What is "Collapse"? The Great Acceleration of Gaian Collapse
0:20:30 ABRUPT Climate Disruptions and Nuclear Imperative
0:23:47 Progress, Overshoot, Collapse: The Lifecycle of Civilizations
0:36:34 3 Fundamental Points / 10 Certainties / Pro-future vs. Anti-future Hopes
00:52:30 It's Not Too Late - Taking Responsibility for Our Le
01:00:14 Resources and Contact Information



3-Part "Post-doom (Collapse & Adaptation) Primer": and
Ongoing Abrupt Climate Change and It's Consequences, by Nick Humphrey
Abrupt Climate Change: The World Tour, with Robert Hunziker ALL post-doom conversations mentioned:
More on nuclear: (Also see Kevin Hester comment.)



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“Humans Naturally Destructive” — by Derrick Jensen (1,900 words)
“Confronting Anthropocentrism” — by Eileen Crist / (16 min video) and (16 min audio)
"Planet of the Humans Review", by Megan Seibert 
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