Annotated by Patrice Greanville: 

The liberals are cunningly misdirecting their anger. This is not about how or whether Taibbi and Greenwald are "doing PR" for a billionaire, but how an election was derailed through the deliberate denial of vital information.



Comment by Patrice Greanville: 

What Glenn Greenwald is saying here is simply spot on and irrefutable. The liberal artillery—whose personnel is usually better educated than the rightwing legions, and whose temperament, probably as a reflection of class, tends to be more devious and snide, are jumping with characteristic ferocity on Taibbi and Greenwald, accusing them, of all things, of journalistic betrayal, which is exactly what their own media heroes are guilty of. Fact is, for these people, despite the posturing, the First Amendment is a mere situational tool to be used according to ideological predilection. The howling is loud, too, because the habitual owners of the official narrative are sensing a real threat in the opening of just a single media platform. And we all know from history that few things are so rabid as the blind hatred of a displaced class.  By the way, who needs the Russkies to tamper with our elections when we have our native political duopoly, especially the Democrats, already cheerfully providing this toxic service?....—PG


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