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Road to Fascism

I have sometimes been criticised for describing the society being ushered in since March 2020 as “fascist”. That word has become so misunderstood and misapplied, associated with superficial historical detail rather than with underlying essence, that some argue it is not an appropriate label for what we are experiencing today.

So it has been reassuring to read The Road to Fascism: For a Critique of the Global Biosecurity State [1] by Simon Elmer of Architects for Social Housing, which, as the title suggests, comes to similar conclusions to those I reach in Fascism Rebranded: Exposing the Great Reset.

The author insists: “We are now a fascist society in everything but name, and ready to form a properly fascist state under the new forms of sovereign authority that rule over the Global Biosecurity State”. [2] 

Elmer must be blessed with the ideal brain for a good architect: not only does he have an overall vision of the structure of society, but he also pays careful attention to the detail of all its supporting pillars and embellishments and is very aware of all the financial implications.

His reporting tends to be comprehensive to the point that the book is not only worth reading, but also worth keeping as a reference for years to come.

One important aspect of his work is the way it describes the means by which the new global fascism is being imposed by forces which are “in thrall to finance capitalism”. [3]

For example, his lists of 20 bodies constituting the unelected global governance, [4] of 23 WEF Young Global Leaders occupying former or current ministerial positions in Western governments, [5] and of 17 ridiculous expanations provided for the sudden post-jabbing rise in heart attacks in the young and healthy, [6] are invaluable.

Elmer’s reminder that the UK authorities threatened to use the army against pro-freedom demos in 2020 is a useful one [7] and his dissection of the UK’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 is sobering.

He explains how protesters are now deemed to be committing a crime if they cause “unease”, “annoyance” or “disruption” and can be punished by up to ten years in prison, “effectively banning protest in the UK in contravention of the European Convention on Human Rights (Article 11, Freedom of Assembly and Association)”. [8]

Undeterred by the criticism of its treatment of Julian Assange, the UK state also seems to be ramping up its intimidation of dissident journalists, as Kit Klarenberg recently discovered.

Elmer is certainly right to warn against any complacency stemming from the end of Covid lockdowns and the restoration of something that looks the old normality.

corona police

He writes: “Having been trialled over those two years with unexpected and astonishing levels of compliance, lockdown – justified in the future by a new virus or strain of coronavirus, insufficient reduction in carbon emissions, a crisis in energy or food supplies, rising sea levels, wild fires or a myriad of excuses yet to be invented – will be the new monetary and fiscal mechanism of global capitalism”. [9]

There are some interesting reflections on the psychological methods of the new fascism and parallels with historical precedents, drawing on the thoughts of the likes of Hannah Arendt and Umberto Eco.

In both cases, says Elmer, we are looking at a society “in which every citizen must adopt the political positions and respect the political statements of their Government, and any deviation from that orthodoxy is censored and punished on the grounds, as Eco wrote, that all disagreement is a threat to the security of the state and therefore a form of treason”. [10]

He explains that woke dogma is the “means by which the violence of the Global Biosecurity State is justified”. [11]

kimberle crenshaw

Elmer writes: “Just as the neoliberal ideology of multiculturalism created a global monoculture, so the government and corporate funding and institutional and educational hegemony of woke ideology has subsumed contrary social and political opinions and practices within the homogeneity created by monopolised cultural markets.

“Indeed, no other movement since fascism has been as adept as woke at creating a nexus for cultural, legal and political change to shore up a failing capitalism, or has more rapidly attained ideological hegemony in the West. And like fascism before it, woke’s first task has been to destroy the Left as a viable opposition”. [12]

He adds: “Woke is not liberal, and it certainly isn’t socialist: woke is fascist”. [13]

On the basis of Elmer’s astute analysis, we might draw up a list of political pledges which today’s obedient citizen is effectively required to make in order to be accepted by society:

pro vax antifa

I pledge to follow The Science. Not only was the epidemic real and the vaccines safe and effective, but all technological innovation is necessarily desirable and those who gainsay this are anti-social reactionaries seeking to drag us back to the Stone Age”.

stand with ukraine

I stand by Ukraine. Nobody could possibly dispute the moral rightness of supporting Ukraine. Allies of my government are Good, enemies or rivals are Bad. Their soldiers are murderous terrorists, ours are heroes. Questioning the narrative makes you an enemy combatant and/or a traitor”.

taking the knee

I take the knee. While doing nothing to oppose real-life racial discrimination, I like to signal both my virtue and my submission to the Globalist Faith by participating in organised collective rituals”.

trans women are real women

I will deny reality when ordered to do so. I accept that the notion of ‘truth’ is dangerously essentialist. A man who says he is a woman really is a woman. A woman who says she is a man really is a man. Women can have penises and men can have vaginas. If you don’t really believe this, you still have to say it because otherwise you are a transphobic hate-criminal”.

xr nonviolent

I pledge to swallow anything if it is sold to me as saving the planet. The only environmental problem of any importance is man-made climate change, which is irrefutable scientific fact. The only way to combat this is to pour trillions of pounds of public money into vast corporate-industrial projects involving massive amounts of pollution, destruction and exploitation, and to throw people off their ancestral lands across the world”.


“I pledge to remain blind to the existence of conspiracies. Only the insane or ill-intentioned imagine that the world is run by a public-private power nexus which deliberately manipulates events and misleads the public in order to further its own aims. Any evidence pointing in this direction should automatically be banned as disinformation and those spreading it punished”.


“I pledge not to recognise fascism when it is staring me in the face. My government has always said it is against fascism and therefore it cannot be regarded as in any way fascist. It is disrespectful of victims of historical fascism to suggest equivalence today and so those who identify the current system as fascist can safely be labelled ‘fascist’ without any need for further justification”.

For my own part, I will be making none of these pledges.

I have no desire to follow The Science and its diktats, neither do I stand by Ukraine or any other state; I take the knee to nobody; I am not inclined to believe that women can have penises or that fake-green industrialism will save the planet; I know full well that the ruling global mafia conspire against us and lie to us all the time, and I am absolutely certain that they are trying to transition us into a worldwide and woke-facilitated 21st century form of transhumanist fascism.

In all that, I know that I am certainly not alone.

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Paul Cudenec (1963-) is a contemporary anarchist writer who very much fits into the organic radical tradition. In 2020 he became known for his outspoken criticism of the totalitarianism being rolled out worldwide on the back of the Covid crisis.' (nevermore.media) He describes himself as a"[d]eeply dissident journalist and author whose work also appears on the Winter Oak and Organic Radicals sites" and his work as "an exploration of deep dissent". His work appears at SubstackWinter OakNetwork23, among others.


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