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Zelensky & Trudeau
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Although NATO’s hard-line BBC cynically reports that the Canadian Reichstag has apologised for giving 98 year-old former Ukrainian Waffen SS officer Yaroslav Hunka a prolonged and rapturous standing ovation for joining the Nazis and “fighting the Russians during World War Two”, I am happy that Blackface Trudeau and his fellow Nazis showed their hand by so enthusiastically clapping their hands.

Canada, despite the fact that its male MPs get their rocks off wearing red high heels to showboat their liberalism has, from the time of their participation in the Boer genocide, always been hardcore Nazi to the bone. Whenever the Brits or now the Yanks want to hire heartless butchers, Canada is always there to oblige. And let’s not even go into notorious serial killer Russell Williams flying the late Queen Elizabeth all around that maple leafed nowhere land.

Canada has always been a sick society helped, in large part, by the very large number of Ukrainian 1st Galician Waffen SS criminals, some 5% of Canada’s population by some estimates, whom the CIA relocated there after the Wehrmacht’s unconditional surrender. My quibble is not so much with SS survivors like Hunka in either Canada or in Germany where they are still being arrested but with those like Justin Trudeau and his fellow Canadian, British and German Parliamentarians who not only extol them but arm to the teeth those, like the Azov Battalion who today follow in Bandera’s blood-soaked footsteps.

Though Hunka, to my mind, should be allowed to quietly finish out his days at home, regaling his relatives with how he and his SS comrades did in so many tens of thousands of Russian, Polish and Jewish women and children, to Canada’s mind, war criminals like Hunka deserve a much wider audience as part of the CIA’s process of sculpting their narrative to suit today’s agenda. And that is why Steve Bandera, a journalist, a Canadian citizen and a grandson of cat strangler Stepan gets such a huge platform to lie that Stepan’s 1941 edict to “liquidate undesirable Poles, Muscovites, and Jews” is today of no great consequence, even though “Poles, Muscovites, and Jews” are once again under the Banderites’ cosh.

When Steve argues that the Banderites were the good guys, he is far from alone. Here is Andrij Melnyk, currently the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine, arguing that very point and refusing to countenance any other line. As does Chrystia Freeland, the prominent Russophobic Canadian politician, whose grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was the Julius Streicher of Ukraine’s Banderite butchers. Say what you like about The Third Reich’s apologists but they do stay on message.

But their tall tales, their re-interpretations of The Second World War, the Great Patriotic War as those who fought the Banderites and their German and Finnish allies on the Eastern front more properly called it, have fatal consequences this very day. Here is Pope Francis demanding this very day that NATO continues to arm Ukraine to the teeth. And here are U.S. Republicans lying that over 50% of Putin’s Army (sic) has been destroyed and that increased funding to Zelensky’s corrupt regime will finish off “the Muscovites” once and for all.

Whatever about Putin’s Army, the Russian Armed Forces are, informed consensus has it, in tip top shape and are, one hopes, taking copious notes on all this for when the butcher’s bill falls due. Although the Pope seemed to have been showing his age in Mongolia, that is no excuse for him allowing himself to be led by the nose (or is it the noose?) by these disreputable Banderite thugs, far too many of whom are in Ukraine’s Uniate Church. Talk about stating the obvious but popes and priests should not be giving absolution to the unrepentant murderers of Darya Dugina and the gaolors of Chilean American dumpling Gonzalo Lira. They should say their prayers and either speak truth to power or shut up.

Here is the legendary Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s favourite stormtrooper, who was once rightly described by Churchill as the most dangerous man in Europe, getting a good old Catholic send off, with Roman salutes and Cara al Sol, the Falangist anthem, being sung by Blue Division veterans.

If you check that Catholic mass again, you will see, at 0:36, a tall military-looking man in sunglasses, dressed in white with an array of medals pinned to his chest. That thin-haired gentleman is former Wehrmacht Intelligence Chief Reinhard Gehlen, who ran the post war anti-Muscovite Gehlen Organization for the CIA, for whom he also founded the Bundesnachrichtendienst, the West German Intelligence Service. Gehlen, unlike Skorzeny, was a Protestant and so did not partake in the service.

Skorzeny, as this video shows, spent some happy post-War years in Catholic Ireland which MI6 agent Cathal O’Shannon and Mossad agent Louis Lenten tried to make a meal of in their efforts to hijack the Irish narrative for their respective masters’ own base ends.

Successful though they were, when it comes to rewriting the narrative, the BBC and the rest of the British Intelligence establishment are, of course, the maestros. That is how they curry favour with their Yankee masters.

Take, again, the case of Russell Brand, who is quite rightly traduced here by Kevin MyersIreland’s most prominent pro-Israeli journalist, who was himself deplatformed and had his career destroyed, not, as brazenly alleged, because he was an anti-Semitic Anglophile but because he spoke, sometimes clumsily, his version of truth to power. Myers’ problem, like that of Elon Musk, Bobby Kennedy and Tucker Carlson is that, by and large, as he tried to keep an independent mind on things, he clashed with MI6’s received narrative.

And that is unacceptable to those who, like Britain’s 77th Brigade, write that narrative and are charged with ensuring the mainstream and alternative media stick to that narrative.

In Russell Brand’s case, the head of a British Parliamentary committee demanded that Brand be effectively deplatformed from all social media, that he be kicked out from the public square in other words.

Now, what is particularly sinister is those threatening letters are signed by Dame Caroline Dinenage DBE MP, who is married to Major General Mark Lancaster, Baron Lancaster of Kimbolton who, as well as holding a clutch of ceremonial colonial postings, has confessed in Parliament to being deputy commander of the British Armed Forces 77th Brigade, which is charged with controlling the Internet and all who use it on behalf of NATO, in New Zealand and anywhere else Perfidious Albion feels fit to stick its unwanted nose.

Let’s just recap on that. The British Army’s 77th Brigade has a stranglehold on key committees in the British Parliament and it uses that leverage to intimidate the world’s biggest media players to make them play ball over Russell Brand, Julian Assange or whoever else happens to be in their cross hairs. When you wonder about the fate of Darya Dugina or anyone similar, don’t discount the role of the 77th Brigade in removing them from the field of play.

If we switch back to Ireland, we have the very odd case of bit players like Norma Costello receiving shady “research” payments of 7,000€ in funding from this Brussels-based independent (ha ha) NGO to place hit pieces on Irish social media players Clare Daly MEP and Mick Wallace MEP in this obscure website. If they can squander 7,000€ on that tripe, you can imagine how much more they squander to shut up the likes of Darya Dugina.

And, as regards Germany, we have the CIA’s unelected Ursula von der Leyen popping into Hiroshima which, she infers, was the target of a 1945 atomic attack by Russia. Next thing, that idiot will be blaming “the Muscovites” for bombing Nordstream.

Though von der Leyen, like the psychopathically unhinged Sgt Sarah in Ukraine or the Nazi worshippers of Canada’s Reichstag stick to the script, like Pope Francis himself, they are too stupid to make a go of the lines the 77th’s agents feed them.

Still, because of the iron resistance of Russia’s Armed Forces, today’s Nazi cheerleaders in Canada, Britain, the Vatican and America’s other satrapies have shot themselves very much in their collective feet. The Canadian Parliament has shown itself to be a caricature of Hitler’s Parliament and the British Parliament has shown itself to be the maidservant and skivvy of the British Army, there to do its bidding and that of its Pentagon controllers. Although these revelations will not change the world, they will have consequences when the Russian Armed Forces finally put paid to today’s Banderite cat stranglers and the British Army mandarins who control them.


Declan Hayes:  Irish-born, former professor of Finance at The University of Southampton, UK., has published widely in English and Japanese on matters of economics, finance and politics.



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