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Musk on Press TV 10-11-23
EU wants not to use X, but to control it. ~ TLA Ed.

The European Union is asking Elon Musk to censor information not conforming to the Western narrative over Israel’s war of aggression against Palestinians in Gaza.

The EU called on Musk, the billionaire owner of the social media website X, to curb the spread of what it called “disinformation” on X, formerly known as Twitter, about Israel's aggression against the Palestinians.

In a letter to Musk shared on social media on Tuesday, EU industry chief Thierry Breton claimed that he had indications that X was purportedly being employed to disseminate what he called illegal content and disinformation in the European bloc.

The EU senior official stressed that “violent and terrorist content” had not been taken down, despite warnings as is required by EU law.

“I therefore invite you to urgently ensure that your systems are effective, and report on the crisis measures taken to my team,” Breton said in his letter to Musk, reminding the X’s owner that he needed to have “proportionate and effective mitigation measures to tackle the risks to public security and civic discourse stemming from disinformation.”

As a platform subject to Europe’s Digital Services Act (DSA), X could face billions in fines if regulators conclude that violations have occurred.

Breton further strongly urged Musk to send “a prompt, accurate and complete response to this request within the next 24 hours.”

In an exchange on X, Musk was quick to respond, telling Breton, “Our policy is that everything is open source and transparent, an approach that I know the EU supports. Please list the violations you allude to on X, so that that the public can see them.”Breton on Wednesday replied, telling Musk, “You are well aware of your users’ — and authorities’— reports on fake content and glorification of violence.”

“Up to you to demonstrate that you walk the talk. My team remains at your disposal to ensure DSA compliance, which the EU will continue to enforce rigorously,” Breton added.

"We take our actions in the open. No back room deals. Please post your concerns explicitly on this platform," Musk responded.


Earlier, the BBC came under immense pressure for using the term fighter for members of Hamas, according to a report.

A Tuesday report published by the Daily Express said that members of the British parliament as well as pro-Israeli media outlets and politicians in Britain have been criticizing the BBC for refusing to refer to Hamas members as “terrorists,” instead calling them “fighters” and “militants.”

It said critics believe the BBC should comply with a proscription issued by the British government which designates Hamas as a terrorist organization.

The report indicated that hard-line pro-Israeli politicians view BBC’s use of the words fighter and militant as a way of giving legitimacy to Hamas while claiming that the practice is anti-Semitic.

Origin:  PressTV, October 11, 2023 | www.presstv.ir| www.presstv.co.uk


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