As the internet clampdown begins, people are finally waking up to the need to find alternative communication platforms. But if the masses are just herded from one centralized platform to another, has anything really changed at all?

Join James for today's important edition of #SolutionsWatch, where he examines some of the many decentralized communication networks, platforms and protocols that are being developed to address the root of the censorship problem.




The Media Matrix

Mass Media: A History (online course)

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What is the Qortal Project? 

Ernest Hancock Interview's Jason Crowe - Freedom's Phoenix

About Bastyon

Salting Your Data - #SolutionsWatch

Nostr Explained Visually for Beginners

BTC111: Nostr - Decentralized Social Media & Bitcoin w/ William Casarin

Interview 1357 - Bill Ottman on

Minds introduces nostr functionality

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