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End of the world

We've discussed the 6 fronts of 'Israel's' war and the 6 wars America is losing. Now we'll discuss 6 ways the climate is collapsing. 666. Now we finally meet the final boss. The climate collapse that all other collapses are contained within. The sphere that crushes all cubes into meaninglessness.

The big question is, even if 'Israel' manages to win its six-front war, even if 'America' manages to win its world war, then what? The whole climate is still collapsing, and even they live in the climate. 'Israel's scorched earth policy in Gaza is just a sign of the coming times for everyone, when the whole Earth will scorch.

The meta-crisis is really an entropy crisis which we experience as pollution. Warfare is just the worst sort of pollution, the sort that kills you instantly. In just 120 days, 'Israel' and America have produced nearly 300,000 kilotons of carbon unproducing 30,000 people. The full climate impact is likely 7-8x higher, equivalent to a dozen countries just chilling. Millions of tons of metal and other resources have been shipped from all over the world in order to be dumped on children in Palestine. The Gaza Genocide is an absolute orgy of emissions and waste in a climate that simply can't take anymore.

This grotesque genocide is just the culmination of 400 years of colonialism. It's no coincidence that the greater White Empire (America, Britain, fuck 'em all) is by far the worst polluter in history. It's no coincidence that the US military is the single worst polluter now. It's causal. Colonialism was the cancer that gave corporations private rights to something that isn't even public. The sun, the land, the animals, the plants; they don't belong to us. They belong to the gods. They are the gods. The gods of sun, the gods of trees, and the new, apocalyptic, gods who clearly said that the end was coming. You don't even have to believe the signs anymore. We're at the destination.

Exponential Growth On A Finite Planet

We are living through a time of collapse in general. You can explain this collapse through physics, through finance, through pseudoscientific economics, but it all comes down to the exponential function. Honestly these scientific explanations are just more vanity because the gods told us clearly enough thousands of years ago. As Satan said'vanity, definitely my favorite sin'. I'll indulge in this vanity for explanations sake. Let's stick with the math, which is literally the square root of all evil.

Grains of rice exponential 600

How, Mathematically We're Fucked

The mathematical function crushing this civilization is both devilishly simple and incomprehensible to humans. Exponential growth. You can plot exponential growth for yourself, on a chessboard. Put one grain of rice on the first square, then double it on the next one. After one row (of 8 squares) it's just a handful. After seven rows, however, you've run out of rice. In the whole world. By the 64th square you've exhausted 12,000 worlds. This sounds stupid, but we based our entire global civilization on the idea of exponential growth! Forget rice, we're trying to double every single thing we measure. That's much worse!

This is precious golden bull market we worship. Roughly 3% growth a year means a doubling time of 25 years. This is an exponential with a period of one human generation. Doubling everything every generation, is the goal of modern economics. Anything else is called a 'recession', and requires human sacrifice (austerity) as an intervention. This is why I say economics is a pseudoscience. It has no connection to the other sciences. They've just built a bunch of complicated math on top of a really bad assumption. It's a self-declared self-contained system which breaks the ecosystem it's actually carried in. Modern economics is a Ponzi scheme and we're just the generations left holding the bag. That's all that's happening.

The Ponzi was highly profitable for a few generations, but it's simply not possible in the long run. It doesn't matter what you're doubling, you simply run out of chessboard. It doesn't matter how big your chessboard is, the exponential will fill it up soon enough. By the time you even notice a problem, there's just a few moves left. Checkmate, you lose.

This fate is baked in to the very concept of growth. This is just how the exponential functions. It doesn't matter if you execute the exponential with oil or 'renewables'. It doesn't matter if we 'discover' entirely new worlds, we'll need 12,000 of them to keep going, and then we'll need 24,000 immediately after! It's not mathematically possible to double anything in a finite space, even as big as our solar system. Even a grain of rice, doubled long enough, will ruin the universe. What gross folly to double everything we produce. It's domestic abuse.

The Incorporate Culprit

The important but mind-bendy thing to understand is that this isn't a human problem, with human solutions. We're not the relevant species here. Natural life (which includes us) is being killed by artificial life (which we are merely included in). We're just the bacteria inside the guts of higher beings we call corporations or even countries. It is this species of artificial life which is killing the natural world, and we're just along for the ride, until we get shit out. I call these creatures godlike because just look at the power they have over us. They can kill, cage, and harness us like so much chattel, but there's one thing they can't control. That's the weather. Those are the elder, greater, gods, and they're not too happy about the upstart idols.

Who are these old gods? The gods of sun, the gods of weather, the gods of climate above all. Heathens call this 'climate change', like it comes out of nowhere. What we are experiencing is the wrath of the gods. The gods are striking back through the weather and they'll win, because they're actual gods, not craven idols made out of steel and silicon. Like Paulie from Goodfellas was described, “[the gods] might have moved slow, but it was only because [the gods] didn't have to move for anybody.” They may not come when you call, but they're always on time, and it's time now.

Even the more recent Abrahamic God is clearly apocalyptic. Prophets and messengers have been telling us to get our shit together for the end times, and we've been hitting the snooze button for generation after generation. Whatever 'civilized' path we were on 3,000 years ago was already clearly wrong, and we were clearly warned that it wouldn't end well. Well, here we are. You can't say you weren't warned.

Ever since the first IPO in 1602—ever since corporations were given the right to enslave entire lands, peoples, and skin the animals alive—we have been living a deal with the devil. That's all corporations are, incarnated devils who give us lots of trinkets and let us take the credit for the the 'innovation'. Over the last century, all we have really done is take a one-time inheritance from higher beings (the photosynthetic life that became 'fossil' fuels) and blow it all on dumb shit. It was always a deal with the devil, and the devil always gets his due in the end. And so it's ending. As Satan said in The Devil's Advocate'awfully hot in that boardroom, isn't it?'

The Lesser Collapse

The collapse of 'Israel' and then 'America' is just details. The dust on the end of the great sweep of history. The genocide in the holy land is just a sign of the end times, but the times have been ending since colonialism, and since agriculture really. The final folly is the idea that we could continue doubling our greed forever. Remember, doubling anything leads to ruin. You could double butterflies or rainbows and it would still get chaotic. How much worse is it when you double terrible things, as we have been?

We made idols out of silicon and steel to act out this folly, but it was all a stage. As Shakespeare said'all the world an [economic] stage, and all the men and women merely [rational actors]'. But that was all a charade, wasn't it? Now our greed (incarnate) overspills the chessboard, the boardroom, and the boards of the Globalization Theatre. The war over 'Israel' is merely “the last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history.”

I have discussed the collapse of the last colonial empire and its last, most violent, colony, but now let's discuss them in context. The final battle over Palestine is just the end of the Carbon Crusades. When Empire came for the fossil fuels, and stationed Jews there as a Sepoy army, to let let the Semites fight each other while Empire took the spoils. 'Israel's' whole presence in the Middle East is just to have reliable guns near the gas station. That's all it is, in historical context.

But what does this mean when guns and then gas run out? At some point, they'll run out of both oil to fight over and oil to fight with. Then what? They'll lose by default. This final thrashing about is just making the end come faster. The tragic fact is that everyone in the Middle East would just sell America oil, America doesn't even need the oil (for now), and they're supposed to be quitting anyways! They could die comfortably in reduced condition but, no, they want to kill everyone else on the way out. Empire doesn't even know what the fuck it's doing anymore, it's just beating people out of pure muscle memory. They 'came up' on beating natives to death for their land and they'll be damned if they change now. So damned they are.

Whether it's from Resistance or their own arrogance, within our lifetimes both 'Israel' and 'America' will fall. Even if they win all these wars against other people, how do you win against the climate? How do you win against math? How do you win against the gods? What do you even win in this context? It's like hitting the snooze button on apocalypse with a 3,000 pound bomb. You're just making the destruction come faster.

The End Of The World

White Empire is not long for the world, because the world is not long for the world. Even if it survives the rebellions of men, it cannot escape the judgement of the gods. If the whole climate is collapses, everything else necessarily collapses too. Like castles in the sand. In a few decades (at best), Empire's scorched earth policy in Gaza becomes redundant. Any Empire that exists will run out of gas and catch on fire at the same time. Empire loses by default. A victory for no one.

At that point, the land will return to the people that actually care about it, stripped of resources, littered with shrapnel, increasingly underwater and uninhabitable. God said the meek will inherit the earth, but he didn't say what condition it would be in. Mother Earth herself will be a martyr in this war. The best her living family can hope for is a decent burial.


My name is Indrajit Samarajiva and I'm a writer. People also call me Indi or Jit. I was born in Canada, raised in America, and live in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.

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