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Image: Geralt, Pixabay CCO  

Take a deep breath. Relax. Stop worrying. We’re off the hook.  Nothing we need to do at this late date except make the very best of every day.  Everything's out of our hands except our integrity. 

We've had our chances, but, we were busy.     

Busy…. Being (not doing) the change.

Busy....Being nonviolent in a free speech zone or on a designated route for a preplanned protest march with sign and tee shirt purchased from an oligarchy-funded NGO.

Busy...Being positive

Busy....Signing online petitions (from NGOs).

Busy… Following our bliss.

Busy... Speaking our truth - to power or whomever.

My dad used to joke:

“Are you spelling that with a ‘b’ or a ‘d’?”           

Doesn’t matter. Momma knows a recalcitrant adolescent species when she sees one. She’s been around the sun a few billion times. She knows what to do.

That’s not to say it isn’t difficult for her. Our errant species showed so much promise! Yet, despite having given us her immense wealth, immeasurable love – to say nothing of innumerable second chances -- and despite her warnings, she can see it’s hopeless. Upon reaching evolutionary adolescence we fell under the spell of the wrong crowd and felt we no longer needed to listen to her.  So we didn’t. Now we’re clearly out of control.

Well, if we’re determined to eat her out of house and home, destroy every stick of furniture, drive the rest of her family to early graves, then set the house afire, all while superciliously ignoring her needs and her warnings, then clearly we’re beyond reach.  We must be stopped, and she’s already set things in motion.  

She’s drenched, parched, frozen, fried and stormed us. Those who’ve caught the worst of it have often been the best of the bunch, taking the rap for our misdeeds.  She’s begun focusing more on those who most deserve it, but they just whine, rebuild, and call it a “cycle”.  She's been here five times before and she knows:  Drastic measures are called for.  Time to clean house and start over.

She’s not replaced anything we’ve destroyed for the past couple of decades. We haven’t even noticed. But we will.

She’s quit cleaning our room, filtering our water, changing our air filter. We can’t be bothered worrying about crap like that.

She’s opened the methane traps and we can no longer shut them off. We haven’t noticed. But we will. 

She stokes the furnace a little more every day. We’re ignoring it.

She's saving the biggest show for the grand finale.

Attendance compulsory.  No exit.

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