Welcome to the newest iteration of the Titanic Lifeboat Academy website. We’re glad to be back after a year of rethinking our online presence. Since our inception in early 2005, TLA has shared its journey toward sustainable living through classes, workshops, community programs and the web.  Website improvements changed TLA’s online look over the years.  These forces shifted our approach:

  • global geo-political/economics
  • accelerating climate disruption
  • our own developing comprehension of the big picture
  • the techno-socio milieu fully emerging in the 2010s

If you waver between laughing and screaming at it all, you keep excellent company with a growing number of people online on alternative sites:  Writers whose credentials and unpurchased thinking are first rate, commentators and comment-ers whose insights prove a breath of fresh, unpolluted air. 

Some still harbor the fervent hope that more Information will make a difference. We found ourselves trapped in that dead end, too.  We'd built a lifeboat and tried to help others find a way out of the matrix.  We worked feverishly on our website, posting articles and commentary we thought might motivate – until we realized we’re not in the news business. 

There sat the imperial Titanic on the seabed with its lights still on, and Mama Nature brewing the granddaddy of all global catastrophes.  Was information the only tool we had?  And, was it enough?

We closed the website for a year to find our new and last direction.

We saw that not only have the problems moved from linear to exponential, so has the information bombarding everyone daily. Information is now one of the problems. Identifying and separating out bad information seems an enormous hurdle for most people. So is dealing with the sheer amount of information that's left.  Include postmodern relativism and trigger sensitivity in that, and the hope that accurate information might still lead to mass epiphany and revolution - and in time to change our trajectory - seemed like clapping for Tinker Bell. 

We discovered there are still important reasons to contribute to and support free independent online journalism for ourselves and others outside the Matrix.  Collegiality.  Food for sanity.  A silent scream.  A way to keep fighting to the end, however long that may be now.

So, we’ve anchored the old Lifeboat where "birds of a feather" can drop in, hang out and find inspiration to keep fighting.  Please enjoy a cup of sanity, some good satire, something to make you smile before you take off, back to your chosen path.  Life is short and quickly getting shorter.  Let's make the most of it!

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