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We choose sites which incorporate skillful writing and asute analysis and group them into these categories:  Arts,    Economy,    Self-Reliance,    Earth,    News  &  Analysis.  Some links are annotated.

New additions appear with an asterisk (*). To go directly to these, enter * in Edit / Find. (File Edit View menu, top of your screen)  If a site becomes inactive, co-opted or unreliable, we remove it. If you find a broken link – or if a site does not open in a new window – please let us know

Portal Design Logotipo Quadrado Somente icone 1.0.0Art for Change  -  art as it should be:  inspiring of reflection & growth

alchimiae  (our "Lifeboat" masthead photographer)
Awaken With JP   (JP Sears - also see YouTube)
Banksy (incomparable global street artist)
Niels Bo Bojesen (Danish editorial cartoonist)
George Butler  (reportage through art)
Lee Camp  (comedian)
George Carlin-The American Dream  (and many clips on YouTube)
Consent Factory, Inc.  (satire by C.J.Hopkins)
Creative Resistance (collective for political arts)
David Dees  (former Sesame Street Magazine illustrator, now political artist) 
Latuff cartoons  ("visual chronicler of barbarism" Brazilian cartoonist)
Moby & The Void Pacific Choir (music videos on animal rights, factory farming, climate change, and women’s rights) 
Nebador Standing on Your Own 2 Feet
Eric Pickersgill's "Removed" (photographic study of tech-dependent humans)
Steve Cutts  (animation, see videos)
Thomas Berry
Trevor Moore  (comedian-singer)   Check out "It's Time for Guillotines" and "The Ballad of Billy John"

eco green economy icon  Economy  -  realities & alternatives

       Of Two Minds*  (Charles Hugh Smith)
Real Progressives * (modern monetary theory for the people)

Huhn colouredSelf-Reliance - homesteading & emergency prep

Azure Standard                    
Homestead Honey *   20-yr hometeading experience in 3 growing zones
       My Galician Garden *  "creating a green spot of my own"
Peak Moment TV (archives)
Surviving the Modern World  (no longer updated, but great information)

orru earthEarth

Strangely Like War (deforestation)
What Is Sustainable (Home of the Wild, Free and Happy book)


Machovka TV set 2News

Almasdar News (AMN/Syria)
Fars News Agency  (Iran)  
Global Times  (China)
GMA Network  (Philippines)
Granma  (Cuba)
Press TV (Iran)
The Conversation  Academic rigor with a journalistic flair *
Xinhua * (China)

Blue feather 2017042645Analysis

Art of Annihilation Cory Morningstar
China Rising  * Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations (Jeff Brown)
Consent Factory, Inc.  (satire by C.J.Hopkins)
Rice Farmer  (website lists)
Tortilla con sal  (Latin America) 
Workers World  * (global worker actions)
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