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West-supported HK "black terrorists"

Image: "Black terror" HK rioters | C. Global Times

Many thanks to Moon of Alabama for his July 31 detailing of this US-backed OPTOR color revolution staged in Hong Kong and directed at China. One in a three-decade series,of western psy-op-instigated "protests" which most of us can now smell the instant we read the first headline. And, if you still bugger your brain on social media and read about "Hong Kong" there, check this exposure of "coverage" from whole cloth. HK citizen backlash against rioters here.-Ed.

When the U.S. instigates its so called 'color revolutions', the transatlantic main stream media are usually supportive. But the support is rarely as extreme as the extraordinary one the New York Times gives to the rioters in Hong Kong.

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