His first experience as a war correspondent for the FAZ in Iraq was journalists who set fire to weeks-old tanks in the Iraqi desert and then produced 'current images of recent fighting'.

Udo Ulfkotte, born in 1960, studied law and politics in Freiburg/ Brsg. and London. The bestselling author is currently attracting a lot of attention with his book 'Bought Journalists'. 

In his lecture of the same name 'Bought Journalists', Udo Ulkotte reveals how politicians, secret services and high finance steer Germany's mass media. In this presentation you will find out in which lobby organizations which journalists are represented. The lecturer mentions names and also looks behind the scenes of those organizations that influence our media on a propagandistically one-sided way, such as: Atlantic-Bridge, Trilateral Commission, German Marshall Fund, American Council on Germany, American Academy, Aspen Institute and Institute for European Policy. It also reveals the intelligence background to lobby groups, the propaganda techniques and the forms with which, for example, the US embassy can obtain funding for projects aimed at influencing public opinion in Germany.
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NB:  Ulfkotte's book, Bought Journalists, by its North American title, Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News, is not available in English or French for those unwilling to pay $1000 per copy. In other words, it is banned in the West.  See this. It was purportedly published in North America in May, 2017, some five months after Ulfkotte died of a heart attack, at age 57.  This editor pre-ordered it and waited nearly a year to be told that it was "unavailable". - Ed.



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