Title Created Date
Permanent Adolescence: The Epidemic That Will Destroy America 02 January 2021
"Transition" Still Possible? 18 September 2019
A Language Older Than Words 19 October 2016
Adam Curtis Documentary Films 18 October 2018
Cassandra's Curse: How "The Limits to Growth" Was Demonized 20 May 2019
Gaslighting: State Mind Control and Abusive Narcissism 29 May 2017
Get Your Loved Ones Off Facebook 10 March 2017
Hierarchy in the Forest 27 May 2016
Hope is a Mistake and a Lie 27 January 2019
How So Many Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Nukes 10 July 2023
Human Resources: Social Engineering In The 20th Century 08 September 2018
Jacques Ellul: Controversies in the Rise of Propaganda 22 May 2021
Learn From Hospice as Human Extinction Looms 21 May 2019
Liar, Liar 22 November 2018
Living Our Best Version of Ourselves 18 November 2022
Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil 23 October 2016
Postmodernism, Criminality, and Madness 14 July 2022
Technology Exacerbates Everything 23 May 2021
The Century of the Self 15 March 2023
The Earth Wisdom of Male Initiation 08 June 2021
The Fascinating Spell Cast by Weasels 04 March 2019
The Psychology of Totalitarianism 03 July 2022
The Science of Evil: A Personal Review of Political Ponerology 28 March 2023
Toilet Paper Is the People’s Vaccine 16 March 2020
Trigger Words and the Duty of Revolutionaries in the Internet Era 12 March 2021
Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11? 09 September 2022
Why Propaganda Works 29 June 2023
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