Title Created Date
Getting Ready for Just in Case 06 October 2021
Manufacturing Our Consent for Medical Apartheid? 27 October 2021
Open Letter to the Unvaccinated 13 August 2021
‘Creating a Digital Prison’: WHO Rushes Ahead on Global Digital Health Certificates 28 September 2023
22 Ways to Stop Vaccine Passports 26 January 2022
A Second Opinion 13 February 2022
Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” Vaccine Record and Biometric Digital Payment System 27 July 2020
An Ill Wind 26 August 2022
Another Lap with Dr. David E. Martin Investigating the Origins of the Covid-19 Vaccines 28 December 2021
Between Two Fires 16 August 2021
Chatting with David E. Martin About Covid-19, Vaccinations, and Other Mass Casualty Events 23 July 2021
Covid Crimes 23 February 2023
COVID Vaccine Mandates Are Killing Aviation, Healthcare, Other Critical Services. Is It Intentional? 18 October 2021
COVID-19 and the Shadowy “Trusted News Initiative” 22 August 2021
COVID-19 Vaccines: Scientific Proof of Lethality 21 January 2022
Digital Health Passports: The Snare That Will Lure Many into the One-World Cashless System 11 August 2021
Doctors for COVID Ethics – Symposium 14 August 2021
Dr. David E. Martin PhD Exposes Timeline of World Genocide to European Union Parliament 28 May 2023
Dr. Fauci and COVID-19 Priorities: Therapeutics Now or Vaccines Later? 28 March 2020
Ethics Professor Threatened With Dismissal for Refusing Vaccine 23 September 2021
Fight the Banksters with Cash Friday 08 August 2021
Geert Vanden Bossche – Conspiracy Theorist, Conspirator or Prophet? 19 March 2021
Globalist Agenda: Melissa Cuimmei Explains Vaccine Passports & Financial Reset 02 December 2021
Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion 21 February 2022
Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Immediately (Open Letter to the WHO) — Vaccine Research Expert 15 March 2021
Headed for a Digital Concentration Camp – Catherine Austin Fitts 26 January 2022
How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health 03 June 2020
How the Organized Left Got Covid Wrong, Learned to Love Lockdowns and Lost its Mind: an Autopsy 31 March 2022
How to Fight Vaccine Mandates and Passports 02 November 2021
In a Dark Wood 02 October 2021

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