Energy Shortages

Title Created Date
A World in Turmoil – Who Is to Blame? 10 June 2022
Big Gambles Heading Into Gusting Headwinds 21 May 2023
Blackouts 28 June 2017
Blind Spot 04 December 2023
Can Ecological Economics Let Us Survive and Reset? 13 March 2023
Energy Dead-Ends: Green Lies, Climate Change and Chaotic Transitions 07 December 2021
Extraction of Raw Materials Could Rise 60% by 2060 17 February 2024
For Europe, From Russia, With Love 10 June 2022
Inflation Is Not A Monetary Phenomenon. It's Planetary 20 February 2024
Like Looking For Cleanliness in a Pigsty 23 October 2022
Neil Oliver: 'It's Hard To Tell Yourself You've Been Taken For A Fool But Open Your Eyes' 17 August 2022
Pandemonium Looms for the World as the ‘Everything Shortage’ Meets a ‘Dark Winter’ 20 October 2021
Ramping Up Renewables Can’t Provide Enough Heat Energy in Winter 24 September 2022
Russia to the US: Your Aggression Stops Here 23 February 2022
Second-Largest U.S. Reservoir Falls to Historic Lows 18 April 2022
Ship of Fools 14 December 2021
Something is Looming Geopolitically, and We Better Start Taking It Seriously 21 August 2022
The Collapse of the Dollar-Based International Monetary System is Now Irreversible 21 July 2023
Visualizing the Power Consumption of Bitcoin Mining 05 February 2023
Why Economic Collapse is Inevitable 17 July 2022
With Blackouts Looming, German Government Holds Disaster Preparation Day, Promotes ‘Cooking Without Electricity’ 06 October 2021
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