Title Created Date
NWO, globalism and US “leadership” – RIP 10 April 2020
‘Clash of Civilizations’ or Crisis of Civilization? 22 May 2019
2022… The Year That Marked the End of America’s Hegemony 01 January 2023
A Distributed Capacity for Violence: 06 November 2021
A Short History of Progress 25 October 2016
American Dystopia – The Propaganda Mask and the Utopia Syndrome 04 June 2023
American Exceptionalism Driving World to War – John Pilger 27 November 2019
American Murder 11 January 2020
An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela 24 February 2019
Are We Doomed to Keep Making the Same Mistakes? 17 December 2018
Blood and Oil 21 December 2023
China, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines say “F.U.” to Western Colonialism. 28 July 2020
Christopher Columbus: What Really Happened 08 October 2018
Conflict in Ukraine: Genesis 05 January 2023
Cui bono? The Big Picture 27 November 2022
Death of Empires: History Tells Us What Will Follow the Collapse of US Hegemony 03 April 2024
Death’s Secretary Tries to Forget on Cape Cod 28 May 2023
Empire of Bioweapon Lies 14 May 2022
Eurasia v. NATOstan: The Defining Struggle of Our Time 04 April 2024
Everyone Has Fallen for the Lies About Venezuela 21 February 2019
Excerpt: The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Behavioural Change Project “To Change Everything” [Volume II, Act V] 22 September 2019
Explained: Radicalism, via McPherson Quoting Nearing and Mencken 07 February 2023
Follow the Money Behind Hong Kong Protests 20 August 2019
Fuck You, Dying American Empire: Reflections of an Aging Anti-Imperialist 30 December 2018
Geopolitical Tectonic Plates Shifting, Six Months On 26 August 2022
God Save the Queen. The US Destruction of the British Empire 12 November 2019
H.G. Wells’ Dystopic Vision Comes Alive With the Great Reset Agenda 24 December 2020
Hands Off Venezuela! 24 February 2019
Imperialism and Liberation Strategies in the Middle East 13 February 2020
Nations Built on Lies 20 October 2021

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