"In Face of Imperialism, Michael Parenti redefines empire and imperialism to connect the current [crises] in America to its own bad behavior worldwide [and] makes clear that:  

1. The purpose of the U.S. global empire is not the pursuit of power for power's sake but power to fashion the world into a corporate dominated global free-market. There is a politico-economic content behind the pursuit of imperial power.

2. U.S. foreign policy is neither inept nor misguided. Rather, it is largely successful in serving the interests of transnational corporate America. This process of global expropriation by the super-rich —often involving the use of force and violence— is what is known as imperialism.

3. Third World poverty is not a product of "underdevelopment" but of overexploitation and maldevelopment.

4. The drastic development of climate change is not a thing of the next generation or end of the century. Catastrophic changes are happening now. For us to survive we must roll back the empire, develop sustainable energy, and rid ourselves of the profit pathology".  - michaelparenti.org

Moe's Books in Berkeley, CA offers Parenti's hour talk in two parts on the same book: CC BY 3.0



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