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Russian President Putin recently wondered why the European Union no longer produces leaders of the calibre of former French President Jacques Chirac who, Putin recounted, had previously explained to him that the West’s current crop of leaders lack the rounded and deep culture both Chirac and De Gaulle had in abundance.

Although Putin attributes this modern Western failing to the lack of proper education and sense of self that Chirac and De Gaulle both epitomised, because Putin’s question deserves a much longer and more detailed answer, this short article is designed to kick-start that process.

Although volumes have been written on De Gaulle, Chirac is the more pertinent here primarily because, like the great De Gaulle, he defied the Americans, in his case by not sending troops into Iraq, where the Americans committed the most unconscionable of war crimes. That defiance cost France very dearly.

In this extraordinarilty revealing interview, Arnaud Montebourg, France’s former Minister of the Economy, explains how the United States punished France for not colluding in its Iraqi war crimes, which ranged from gang-raping pre-pubescent Iraqi schoolgirls to poisoning its wells, looting its museums and emptying its bank vaults of their gold reserves. Montebourg goes on to explain how the United States not only loots France’s intellectual property at will but it also tortures French patriots like Frédéric Pierucci for refusing to betray France. American state-sanctioned criminals not only eavesdrop on France’s political, religious and industrial leaders but even refuse to sell to France paint varnish and similar marginal components for its aircraft if it can thereby instead win those aircraft export contracts for American companies. In that regard, let’s not even waste time on how America brazenly stole the Australian nuclear submarine contract from their French partners (ha ha).

Because it takes a patriotic leader of the calibre of De Gaulle, Pierucci or Chirac to stand up to Uncle Sam, today’s Western leaders simply kowtow to the Yanks. Montebourg attributes their voluntary servility to institutional drift, a process that is as familiar throughout all of modern-day Europe as it is, sadly, in France.

Putin is, in some ways, like Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s The Leopard, Don Fabrizio Corbera, Prince of Salina, who sees that nineteenth century Sicily is changing and that he and his must change with it. But Don Fabrizio is a leader and so he knows, as Chirac and De Gaulle did in their time, what a leader must do.

Now look at the late Silvio Berlusconi, who was as shallow a leader as was Boris Johnson, Tony Blair or the idiot Zelensky, each one of whom is, as Senator Lloyd Bensten crushingly told pipsqueak Dan Quayle, no Jack Kennedy.

And comely British maiden Liz Truss, who had a fleeting walk-on part as British Prime Minister, was not only no Margaret Thatcher but she was either dumb enough or corrupt enough to allow the most predatory and self-serving vulture funds write her budget. General De Gaulle had Frenchmen shot for less.

Say what you like about Putin, Lavrov, Zakharova and the various Russian generals who have come to prominence over the Ukrainian and Syrian wars but they are serious and competent people, whom De Gaulle and Chirac, a friend of Putin, would treat with the respect they have earned and which their various positions demand.

But Zelensky, who paraded his penis to the world and his mother for a living and who is now micro-managing his armies’ counter-offensives as Herr Hitler, the Austrian painter, once micro-managed his? Or Tony Blair, whose love of lucre was inspired by party animal Berlusconi, who sent Italian troops in to massacre the Iraqis, a war crime which led to many more subsequent Italian war crimes throughout the Arab world.

Though Berlusconi and Blair were leaders, they were of the frat boy type, as was Rhodes Scholar, serial war criminal, serial sexual predator and serial Orgy Island frequent flyer Bill Clinton, whose better half, Hillary, is also a leader her legions of dead victims could have done without.

Putin’s problem, our problem, is that we face the same turbulent times that Don Fabrizio faced when Garibaldi’s Redshirts were on the rampage and, more recently, that the Yazidi faced when America’s ISIS proxies were let loose to slaughter them. Though we need a King like De Gaulle or a Prince like Chirac, all we have is a pack of jokers, many of whom, like British warlord Sunak, have no mandate and others of whom, like Creepy Joe Biden, are too senile to remember whether they have a mandate or not.

Though Putin is quite rightly scratching his head to figure out how all this madness came to be, he is not alone. These “leaders” in our Parliaments, in our military, in our media and in every other one of our institutions are creations of corporate consensus, Hello Kittys to divert and amuse us, lightning rods to deflect criticisms from the systems that crush us.

They are not leaders in the mould of De Gaulle or even Chirac but, rather, they are essential ingredients of a political alchemy devised to beguile and sedate us. What chance have we when the uneducated Greta Thunberg, an obvious CIA creation, has nothing to say on the Nordstream terrorist attack, but is our guru when it comes to the environment? What chance have we when no leader in the West has any interest in finding out who bombed Nordstream or, for that matter, who had sex with under-age girls in Epstein’s Orgy Island, which was only one of many such CIA honeytraps, MI5’s Belfast Kincora boys’ orphanage just being another of the more outrageous of such dirty operations to ensnare perverts from the British Royal Family to the political leaders of the IRA?

Before becoming British Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath was Government Chief Whip, a position which involves knowing the saucier secrets of one’s Parliamentary colleagues to ensure they vote as MI5 wishes them to vote. As MI5 had the goods regarding raping young boys on Heath and as MI5 chief Sir Maurice Oldfield was a regular visitor to Kincora Boys’ Home for R&R with its young, defenceless children, there was no chance of anyone rocking the Good Boat Albion with those deviants at the helm.

The Putin vista, if we can call it that, envisages that young leaders emerge from the rugby fields of Eton or Harrow and earn their right to clamber up the riggings, much like how Gilbert & Sullivan’s chappy became Ruler of the King’s Navy. But, as Berlusconi, Blair and the other criminals show, that is not how it works.

Figureheads, corrupt and corruptible simpletons like Ursula von der Leyen, as well as the Biden, Bush, Blair, Clinton and Obama crime gangs, are chosen to be lightning rods, shields, masks and deflectors to the main games of Big Pharma, the arms industry and the other sponsors of such quasi-religious drivel as LGBTQED Pride Month which, by making the nations’ children targets for mutilation and rape, ensures the worried guardians of those children will not cause their overseers grief by challenging them. Droit du seigneur and all that.

The heroes of the Syrian Arab Army have broken through that demonic barrier and Russian forces in Ukraine are not far behind. They have a solid, unvarnished understanding of the manifest evil they are fighting, of the savages who oppose them, whose deeds would shame all the devils in hell and, given NATO’s serial criminality, those heroes are no longer for turning.

But what of their enemies? What drum do they march to? What Pied Piper lures them to their doom? What does Ukraine, beneath the sheen, fight for? They fight for outfits like U.S.-based private equity fund NCH Capital, which has bought some 11 million hectares, roughly the size of the arable land of Germany, of Ukrainian croplands. And, as this excellent report explains, they die for the American, Saudi, Ukrainian and EU oligarchs, as well as the various sovereign funds, U.S. pension funds, foundations, and university endowments whose stake in Ukraine matches NCH Capital’s and who therefore similarly stand to hit the jackpot if Ukraine somehow wins the war and is in a position to pay back its creditors.

Conversely, as those august gangsters have so much at stake, they are, as Tucker Carlson’s landmark twitter video explained, hell-bent on ensuring America’s Democrat and Republican “wannabe dictators” protect their bet right down to the last dead Ukrainian soldier.

As Ukrainian “leader” Zelensky put this land “reform” into law in 2020 against the will of the vast majority of ordinary Ukrainians who clearly saw that it would exacerbate the country’s rampant corruption and reinforce control by those self-same vested interests, we can say, with hand on heart, that is just further proof that Zelensky is no Jack Kennedy or Charles de Gaulle. He is a self-serving traitor but so too are all the respectable Western bosses of pension funds, foundations, and university endowments who are using that leader (ha ha) to fill their own pockets at the expense of over 400,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers.

Leadership, as Putin or any other sane person might define it, would, as in football or in war, emerge because of conflating hard and soft forces. Though there is no mystery in those vectors, the mystery is how they become personified in a Napoleon,.a De Gaulle, a Wenger, a Zidane or a Chirac.

But how can such leadership emerge when Lockheed Martin, Big Pharma and the politicians in hock to them shove their diversionary LGBTQED drivel down everyone’s necks morning, noon and night? If we cannot even agree on what a woman is, France’s gallant protesters will never be in a position to don the mantle of leaders like Napoleon, De Gaulle and Chirac.

And the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program is hell-bent on churning out more and more of their Hello Kitty clones to lead us up the garden path. These Hello Kitty leaders do not, as Putin’s vista might have imagined, work their way up the riggings of the British Labour Party but, as Israeli apologists Luke Akehurst and Keir Starmer show, they are, like their American, French and other confreres. groomed ab ovo to serve Empire before commandeering and then muffling their nations’ “democratic processes”. They are, in short, the very epitome of useful idiots.

Big Pharma and the arms industry have no need of leaders like Chirac or De Gaulle as their independence of mind might lead to independence of action. The Empire needs brain dead puppets like Joe Biden, The Big Guy who will always do what the bigger guys in the Pentagon and Wall Street tell him to do. So, say goodbye to autonomous leaders like Chirac and De Gaulle and, whilst saying hello to Joe Biden, Macron, Trudeau and NATO’s other Hello Kittys, try not to laugh or, for that matter, cry not only at their rank incompetence but at their total lack of any worthwhile leadership skills as well.


Declan Hayes:  Irish-born, former professor of Finance at The University of Southampton, UK., has published widely in English and Japanese on matters of economics, finance and politics.




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