Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” became an immediate best-seller upon its release in 2021, and that despite Big Tech’s censoring of its advertising. In it, Kennedy describes how Fauci turned the National Institutes of Health into an incubator for pharmaceutical products and essentially sold the entire country to the drug industry.

The book is an incredibly well-referenced record of Fauci’s history of decimating human health, and exposes him as a self-serving charlatan. Now, Kennedy’s book has been made into a nearly two-hour-long movie (watch below). You definitely won’t want to miss this one, especially if you didn’t read the book.

The Real Anthony Fauci



The Real Anthony Fauci

Review by DR. Joseph Mercola

AntiFauciBookAs explained by Kennedy in the film, the book was a product of his own “struggle to understand how the idealistic institutions our country built to safeguard both public health and democracy suddenly turned against artists, citizens and our values with such violence.”

The Kennedy family has been deeply involved in the American public health bureaucracy for 80 years, and even wrote many of the legal statutes that Fauci and others worked under. I enjoyed Kennedy’s last book, “American Values: Lessons I Learned From My Family¸” as it is an excellent review of his family’s legacy, and I highly recommended it if you were ever a fan of his dad and uncle.

Yet somehow, Kennedy notes, the drug industry managed to “systematically hollow out” the agencies that were supposed to regulate it, effectively “disabling the regulatory function and transforming them into sock puppets.”

In the book and the film, Kennedy explores “the carefully planned militarization and monetization of medicine that has left American health ailing and our democracy shattered.” He also chronicles “the troubling role of the dangerously concentrated mainstream media,” which during COVID have seemingly morphed into full-blown propaganda centers and nothing else.

Fauci’s Rise to Power

Fauci’s rise to power began in 1984. That year, the U.S. government declared that the National Cancer Institute had discovered the cause of AIDS, and Fauci became the director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is under the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

He quickly realized that by defining AIDS as an infectious disease, he could seize control over future AIDS research, including research to develop an AIDS vaccine. The NIAID was at that time floundering, as most infectious diseases had already been conquered. AIDS provided Fauci with a way to save the near-obsolete agency, while simultaneously benefiting his Big Pharma allies.

As noted in the film, while the NIAID’s and NIH’s job is to serve the public, the reality is that they’re partnered with private drug companies. They own pharmaceutical patents that are then licensed to drug companies while the agencies themselves collect royalties on the sales. Fauci has personally filed patents on hundreds of new drugs his agency funded.

While this intimate relationship with the drug industry is brushed off as a mere formality, it’s the very crux of the problem. Were it not for this symbiotic relationship, these agencies would not be working against public health and deceiving the public about drugs and vaccines.

The Parallels Between AIDS and COVID

The COVID propaganda, it turns out, has closely followed that of AIDS. AIDS was a new, lethal disease that you could have without being aware of it, and media scare stories about contracting AIDS from toilet seats fanned the flames of fear.

Government officials suggested suspending teachers and students with AIDS, and there were discussions about mandatory testing, reporting of AIDS cases and quarantining AIDS patients.

Similarly, COVID-19 has been portrayed as a viral infection that might not have any symptoms, and it’s been falsely claimed that it can spread via asymptomatic carriers. Mandatory testing, reporting and quarantining actually became everyday reality during COVID.

As it turns out, Fauci was largely responsible for spreading these fallacies in both cases. In the 1980s, he falsely suggested children and other family members could contract AIDS through regular household contact with an infected person. Likewise, he promoted the false idea of asymptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2.

Fauci, in the film, is described as a social engineer, because he “re-engineers how people think of human contact, touch, intimacy.” AIDS was such a terrifying disease, people had to avoid not just sex but all human contact. Ditto with COVID. Both AIDS and COVID were represented as Death, and having either marked you as a potential murderer, lest you isolate yourself.

Another noteworthy parallel is the use of the PCR test. People had to be tested using PCR to find out whether they had HIV. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR technology, was outraged, as he knew the test could not be used to diagnose any infection of any kind.

He publicly spoke out against using PCR to diagnose HIV infection, and he spoke out against Fauci, personally, for insisting on its use. He repeatedly warned that you simply cannot use the PCR tests to diagnose clinical infection with viruses. Coincidentally, Mullis died in August 2019, mere months before the outbreak of COVID-19. In a 1980s interview, Mullis said:

“[Fauci] doesn’t know anything really about anything, and I’d say that to his face. The man thinks you can take a blood sample and stick it in an electron microscope, and if it’s got a virus in there, you’ll know it. He doesn’t understand electron microscopy and he doesn’t understand medicine, and should not be in a position like he’s in.”

What Really Causes AIDS?

The discovery of HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus, which was said to cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS, is a tumultuous story. The virus was initially discovered by Dr. Luc Montagnier, but Dr. Robert Gallo took credit for it.

After a contentious fight, the discovery was eventually credited to both. However, while Gallo and Fauci insisted the virus itself was the sole cause of AIDS, Montagnier believed other coinfections were required for AIDS to develop.

The film details how Fauci manipulated the science to explain away the anomaly of AIDS patients who tested negative for HIV. They had all the symptoms of AIDS, but no HIV infection. Fauci solved the problem by simply renaming the HIV-negative cases as “idiopathic CD4+ lymphocytopenia” (ICL).

Fauci’s Love Affair With Toxic Drugs

Analyzing Fauci’s role in the AIDS and COVID epidemics, it becomes clear he has a playbook, and he’s not creative enough to divert from it even slightly. He also has a penchant for overly toxic and lethal drugs, insisting on their use after research has established their lethality.

In the 1980s and ‘90s, his drug of choice for AIDS was AZT, a failed cancer drug with extreme toxicity. Despite that, Fauci recommended HIV-positive patients be offered the drug, even if they were healthy and asymptomatic. Many died from the side effects within a year or two.

At the same time, Fauci blocked the use of other treatments that showed significant promise, such as hyperthermia, vitamin C drips and ozone treatment, leaving patients with no alternatives other than AZT.

The same thing happened during COVID. Fauci championed remdesivir, a failed Ebola treatment with high lethality, making sure it was selected as the sole “standard of treatment” for COVID, while all other options were rejected, vilified and/or banned from use. This included readily available off-patent and inexpensive drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, but also things like vitamin D. In the film, Kennedy says:

“My uncle and Terry Burn spent a lot of time with Fauci trying to persuade him to have a parallel track. Their proposal was to create a parallel track approval system that would allow community AIDS doctors to conduct clinical studies on off the shelf drugs that neither pharma nor NIAID, wanted to test.

AZT at that time was the most expensive drug in history. It would cost $10,000 for a year of treatment, and for that drug to function, Fauci had to make sure that there were no competitors in the marketplace.

Part of the strategy for the NIAID, Anthony Fauci and his partners at Burroughs Wellcome was to make sure that those drugs did not get FDA [Food and Drug Administration] approval, because it would have killed AZT.”

The film goes on to detail how AZT forever altered the drug approval system at the FDA, which previously had insisted on long-term verification of safety and efficacy. Most drugs had to be studied for 10 years before the FDA would consider approval. That ended with AZT.

No long-term animal studies were ever completed on the drug, and Fauci declared the human AZT trial a success and shut it down after just four months. Not surprisingly, this was nowhere near long enough to detect side effects. The FDA gave it the green light and Fauci shut down any dissenting experts.

Fauci’s Unethical Torture of Children

In the late 1980s, Fauci also helped arrange for drug companies to get access to orphaned children and children in foster homes in seven states. Children, including infants, many of whom were deemed HIV-positive using PCR, but also children who weren’t, were used as guinea pigs for experimental HIV and AIDS drugs.

Fauci, together with drug companies, sponsored these ghastly and unethical experiments. As explained by Mary Holland, president of Children’s Health Defense, if the children refused to swallow the drugs by mouth, they would put in a gastric tube and force-feed them the drugs.

Many of these children died. One grave in New York contains at least 80 children — all children of color. And, while laws were clearly broken, no punishment of any kind was ever meted out. Fauci and the drug companies clearly regarded these children as disposable, because they treated them as such. Medical experimentation was also taking place on mentally handicapped children living in state institutions for the intellectually disabled.

The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

In 1986, president Ronald Reagan signed into law the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which created a program for compensation of children injured by vaccines.

While the intention was to make vaccines safer, the law had the opposite effect, as it also gave blanket liability protection to the vaccine manufacturers. Freed from liability, vaccine makers became ever more reckless in their vaccine development. Safety doesn’t have to be a primary concern, as there’s no penalty for creating and selling a dangerous product. The COVID jabs are the just the latest and most glaring example of this.

Enter Gates

The film also details Fauci’s partnership with Bill Gates. As noted by Kennedy, the idea behind vaccines is not about providing a solution but about creating a permanent industry. Gates has spent over two decades building a vaccine market, and he clearly desires to monopolize the industry, just like he did with Microsoft. As noted by Dr. Robert Malone in the film:

“What he’s done is, [he’s] taken his toolkit that he developed in the pressure cooker of competition in the IT sector, and turned those same practices towards public health. [He] functionally has monopolized public health through his ‘philanthropic giving,’ that isn’t really philanthropy. It’s more of a screen behind which he has made other strategic investments that have produced a massive financial return.”

Gates has publicly admitted that vaccines are the most profitable investment he’s ever made, with a 20-to-1 return. In 2000, Fauci met with Gates, who asked to partner with the NIH in an agreement to vaccinate the entire population of the world with a battery of new vaccines.

In 2009, this agreement was rebranded as “The Decade of Vaccines,” the objective of which was to implement mandatory vaccinations for every adult and child on the planet by the year 2020 — the very year COVID spread around the world. Global vaccine mandates rolled out the following year, just one year behind schedule.

Gain-of-Function Research Under Fauci’s Watch

Fauci is responsible for an annual budget of about $6.1 billion. He gets another $1.6 billion from the military to do bioweapons research, which is where 68% of his $437,000 a year salary comes from. (Fauci is the highest-paid federal employee in the U.S. Second-highest is the U.S. president, at $400,000 a year.)

While gain-of-function research has never provided a single scientific or medical breakthrough that has helped us respond to a pandemic, Fauci continued to do it because it was critical both to his salary and to the NIAID funding stream.

The bulk of the NIAID’s funding was intended to be used to study American health and to improve it, to eliminate infectious allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases. Instead, under Fauci’s watch, the chronic disease epidemic has exploded.

This, despite the fact that between Fauci, Gates and the U.K. Wellcome Trust, they control 63% of the global biomedical research through their funding. Over his career, Fauci alone has distributed more than $930 billion in research grants through the NIAID. You could say they control all of it, really, because they also have the capacity to dry up funding to projects they don’t want done.

Fauci, in all his years at the NIAID has allowed chronic diseases rates to skyrocket. He’s done less than nothing for public health. Instead, as explained in Kennedy’s book and film, his agency was turned into an incubator for the drug industry. As noted by Kennedy, Fauci “was the architect of agency capture within a public health agency.”

COVID-19 — The Culmination of Fauci’s Criminal Enterprise

As for the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy equates it to the culmination of Fauci’s career. He recounts how Fauci has been a key figure in pandemic planning — not how to prevent one, but how to create it, as infectious disease mortality had dropped so dramatically that infectious diseases were becoming an increasingly low priority.

So far, every single pandemic that has been dramatized has turned out to be a complete fraud, and the same can be said for COVID. All the while, billions of dollars were spent on vaccines.

In October 2019, the Gates Foundation co-sponsored Event 201, a tabletop simulation of what was to become the COVID outbreak just six weeks later. Other sponsors included the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins School for Security, which is funded by the NIAID. Participants included Avril Haines, former deputy director of the CIA.

As noted by Kennedy, “What is the CIA doing hosting a simulation on public health? The CIA is not a public health agency. It is an intelligence agency, it does not do public health.”

Participants discussed many things, including how to quash anti-vaxxers and combat misinformation about the virus. What they did not discuss was how to actually treat the infection and save lives; how to corroborate with doctors in the field to ascertain the best courses of action.

That the exercise was not about preserving public health was also apparent by comments from one participant, who suggested that they would need to be on a “war footing.” The film goes on to review how the COVID pandemic followed the Event 201 script, and how it was used to strip the public of Constitutional rights and freedoms.

Gross Disregard for Human Life

The film reviews how successful COVID treatments were ignored, suppressed and vilified in favor of toxic remdesivir, and how doctors were (and still are) punished for treating and actually saving their patients. As explained by Dr. Paul Marik in the film, there’s a very clear incentive behind the suppression of successful treatments.

Emergency use authorization (EUA) can only be granted to drugs and vaccines if no viable alternatives are available. Were hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin to be accepted as viable treatments, neither remdesivir nor any of the COVID shots — both of which are multibillion-dollar enterprises — would have qualified for EUA.

So, to put it bluntly, the U.S. government and the drug companies placed profits ahead of human life, and media went along with it, running cover for Big Pharma rather than reporting on reality.

Criminal Cover-Ups

The documentary also reviews how the origin of SARS-CoV-2 was covered up and the central role Fauci played in that. He and other funders of gain-of-function research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology — NIH director Dr. Francis Collins and Wellcome Trust head Jeremy Farrar — were so paranoid about SARS-CoV-2 being traced back to that lab that they used burner phones to communicate with each other in the early days of the pandemic.

Big Tech has also played a key role, covering up for Fauci and doing the dirty work for him. Evidence shows social media platforms have colluded with government to censor on its behalf, which is completely illegal and a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution. Fauci himself has also pulled strings when necessary. As noted in the film:

“Fauci collaborated with Mark Zuckerberg. There were emails between them, and this is a complete conflict because Facebook is invested in the vaccines. Google is invested in the vaccines. They have a conflict of interest. Microsoft makes the vaccine passports.

And yet Dr. Fauci — who’s not supposed to be coordinating health policy with for-profit stakeholders who have a conflict of interest — was taking input and apparently aligning his message with what these tech companies wanted to have happen.”

‘A Wave of Death’

The film ends by reviewing the devastating effects seen around the world from these poorly tested experimental mRNA COVID shots. While scientists have been working on mRNA technology for a long time, they were never able to get it to work, at least not safely. When it’s effective, it’s also too toxic.

But Gates, Big Pharma and American health agencies are all too deeply invested in it. They view it as a revolutionary concept, and they’re not willing to let it go. And based on the staggering death toll exacted already, it doesn’t seem to matter how many people die in the process of perfecting it. My advice? Don’t let that be you.

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